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Summer Auction: Pre-Columbian, Tribal Art & Classical Antiquities UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Chavin Redware Vessel251Maya Jade Implement518Glass Heart Bottle, Alabastron Amulet & Scarab (3)
007Pre-Classic Miniature Amuletic Figures (5)264Maya Pottery Bowl 519Egyptian Bronze Ibis Head
009Olmec Miniature Seated Figure265Maya Decorated Deep Bowl521Egyptian Mummy Mask
010Tlatilco Pottery Figural Busts (2)267Classic Maya Plate & Copador Bowl (2)525Roman-Egypt Cartonage Mask
013Teotihuacan Black Serpentine Face Mask269Maya Cache Vessel531Nishapur Baluster Shape Vase
014Tlatilco-Olmecoid Heads (3)272Maya Molded Singing Figure535Mummy Bead Strands & Near Eastern Necklace (6)
017Tlatilco Type K Pretty Lady Figure273Maya Molded Figure540Roman Bronze Horse Head, Bactrian Stone Pipe and Bronze Figure (3)
018Chupicuaro Bowls (3)275Nicoya Polychrome Decorated Vase542Gilded Bronze Bust of St. Catherine Holding Sword
022Chupicuaro Large Tripod Bowl277Costa Rican Baluster Shape Vessel with Jaguar Head547Medieval Silver Belt/Shoe Buckle
025Tlatilco Miniature “Pretty Ladies” (5)279Costa Rican Baluster Shape Vessel548Holywater Flasks (2)
026Chupicuaro Seated Pendant Figures (4)292Tonosi Decorated Olla 549Tang Pottery Camel
028Chupicuaro Pinched & Boat Shape Bowls (2)296Vintage Fine Emerald & Gold Eagle Necklace554Chinese Decorated Porcelain Tray
029Chupicuaro Rayed Bowl298Late Moche Gilt Copper Ear Spools (2)555Tang Glazed Stoneware Vessels & Han Bronze Blade (3)
031Michoacan Small Decorated Bowls (5)299Tairona Gold Frog559Blanc-de-Chine Figures (2)
038Chupicuaro Squatting Figures & Miniature Grouping (3)301Calima Lidded Vessel561Chinese Glazed Porcelain Vase
039Michoacan Pre-Classic Seated Figures (2)304Sinu Flared Globular Bowl563Indian Stone & Pottery Heads (2)
043Chupicuaro Four Small Vessels (4)315Chimila Lidded Burial Urn 569Batak Decorated Lute
046Chupicuaro Large Bowl316Tamalameque Lidded Effigy Vessel579Erotic Bronze of Rama and Shinta
0495 Pre-Classic Miniature Figures319Chavin Grayware Vessel with Incised Design581Two Japanese Triptych Prints
050Pre-Classic Chinesco Pulque Drinker330Two Paracas Incised Bowls583Washkuk Yam Mask
056Unusual Type Chupicuaro Male Figure331Chavin Gray Ware Bottle 584Sepik Plains Carved Wooden Food Bowl
061Chupicuaro Pedestal Bowl & Tripod Bowl (2)332Chavin Stirrup Vessel with Monkey Tail Designs585Boiken Culture Carved Wooden Food Bowl
078Michoacan Decorated Chalice334Nazca Globular Vessel590Boiken Culture Carved Wooden Bowl with Tortoise Design
083Colima Large Frog Vessel 345Copper Staff Head with Deer & Dangling Bells591Boiken Bowl with Stylized Bird
086Colima Redware Lentoid Bowl349Huari Decorated Kero597Kundu Drum
087Colima Hunchback Male Figure356Chancay Male Figure601Abelam Figure with Hornbill
089Colima Redware Pumpkin Vessel363Inca Matched Pair of Wooden Keros604Over-Modeled Wild Pig Skull
098Large Colima Shaman-Warrior 366Tiahuanaco Stone Llama Scepter610Sepik River Heads (4)
099Strands of Shell & Stone Beads (2)371Chancay Medium Sized China612Figural Slingshots (2)
102Large Colima Dog with Urn 372Chancay Anthropomorphic China613Karaja Pottery Dolls (2)
105Colima Triplets & Twins (5)373Large Standing Female Cuchimilco 615Indian Figure, Kris Handle and 1/2 Mask (3)
107Pihuamo Seated Female Figure374Five Chancay Items616Lombok Erotic Carving
112Colima Tripod Parrot Legged Olla 382Chancay Textile Tumpline & Wooden Staff (2)621Bali Figural Kris Handle
113Colima Bedded Figure 383La Aguada Ceramic Bowl 622Wooden Tattoo Forms (2)
118Pihuamo Seated Female Figural Vessel385Three Small Argentinean Mugs623Sulawesi Wooden Spoons (3)
119Colima Redware Pottery Double Lobed Vessel389Two Decorated Ceramic Bowls624Small Timor Horn & Wood Spoons (2)
120Nayarit Seated Couple on Platform390Marajoara Decorated Lobed Olla626Basketry Rattle
122Colima Warrior, Seated Figure & Mother with Child (3)391Large Marajoara Bowl Type Lid627Burmese Guardian Figure
123Colima Seated Female with Bowl on Shoulder396Marajoara Decorated Pot and Small Incised Bowl (2)631Native American Baskets (4)
127Nayarit & Chinesco Figures (3)398Large Chancay Brown & Tan Textile632Native American Lidded Baskets (4)
129Colima Large Seated Male Figure399Huari Textile Panel635Hopi Kachina Doll
130Colima Seated Figures (2)400Kilia Marble Head638NW Coast Horn Spoon
131Colima Drummers (2)406Danish Neolithic Stone Tools (3)641Lwena Staff with Maternity Figure
132Colima Seated Figures (2)412Amphora Shaped AlabasterJarlet642Ashanti Prestige Openwork Sword
134Colima Redware Ollas (2)414Canaanite Bronze Duckbill Axe643Senufo Mask
135Colima Large Squash Vessel416Bronze Kohl Bottle with Applicator & Amphora Collar (3)644Congo Style Figural Group
137Colima Redware Janus Head Vessel422Amlash Bronze Mounted Equestrian Figures (2)645Ashanti Brass Maskettes (3)
138Colima Shaman Figure Squating on Haunches423Large Silver Clothing Pin and Bronze Surgical Tool (2)648African Copper Gold Dust Boxes, Weights and Anklet (7)
139Zacatecas Seated Female Figure424Luristan Bronze Pin with Ball Head659Gilt Brass African Mask with Triangular Cutouts
142Colima Large Flat Female Figure433Early Bronze Age Decorated Bowl661Large Brown Pottery Bowls (2)
153Small Colima Tlaloc Incensario438Sassanian Stone Seals (4)665Dan Fetish Figure with Bell
154Colima Miniature Figures (3)442Parthian Small Clay Bullae (5)672Dogon Figure
159Chinesco Miniature Mothers with Children (2)443Parthian Small Clay Bullae (2)674Early African Bronzes (3)
161Colima Seated Figure with Bowl on Back446Sassanian Carnelian Ring with Seal Impression677Mossi Doll
162Archaic Colima Warrior & Seated Figure Whistle (2)450Late Roman/ Sassanian Iridescent Blue Glass Seal678Reliquary Figure
165Jalisco Decorated Bowls (2) 451Carnelian Hair Ring683Bambara Spears (2)
167Colima Seated Figure with Bowl452White Agate Intaglio Ring686Terracotta Bell-Shape Chalice
168Colima Decorated Vessel 454Sassanian Partial Stamp Seals (2)692Lupe Pottery Vessel
171Colima Seated Figure with Exposed Ribs455Sassanian Unusual Agate Stamp Seal 693Yoruba Eshu Altar Staff
174Chinesco Large Standing Figure470Roman Stone Head of a Youth695Female Ibeji Figures (3)
180Colima Mother & Child471Daunian Ware Funnel Krater698Ibo Head Crest & Yoruba Colonial Figure (2)
183Colima Redware Olla473Roman Bronze Fibula Pins & Earrings (5)707“Bocio” Fon/Ewe Fetish with Umbrella
184Colima Fruit-Shaped Vessel483Roman Mosaic Panel 708Offering Bowl
189Nayarit Standing Figures (3)484Roman Bronze Chest Pull, Maskette, Bracelet, 2 Fibula Pins & 3 Coins (8)711Lega Button Hat
190Colima Double Armadillo Olla487Roman-Byzantine Bronze Cooking Utensil714Bembe Male “Biteki” Figure
191Colima Redware Maguey Olla488Roman Gold Earrings with Insets715Suku Mask with Boar
192Jalisco Gray Ware Dog490Roman Gold Wire Earrings with Dangles716Luba/Hemba Prestige Axe
194Olmecoid Head Pot & Colima Redware Olla (2)492New Kingdom to Roman Beaded Necklace717Ubangi Wooden Mask
195Pottery Teapot Vessel493Middle Kingdom Faience Beaded Necklace719Karamojong Hat
196Monte Alban Pottery Jug496Celtic La Tene Decorated Gold Bracelet721Zulu Knobkerrie
200Colima Redware Squat Olla & Noded Jar (2)500Roman & Islamic Rings (7)722Knobkerrie Weapon
202Domed Hut Models (2)501Silver Intaglio Ring with Gold Bezel 724Hair Pick with Bird & Fish
213Chupicuaro Vessel504Middle Kingdom Basalt Jar on Integral Base728Three Ethiopian Coptic Crosses
219Huastec Teapot Vessel with Human Face506Egyptian Small Vessels (3)729Megalodon Teeth (5)
220Huastec Zoomorphic Vessel508Egyptian Stone Tapered Jar731Early English Cross Bow
223Michoacan Tripod Bowls (2)509Ancient Miniature Pottery (3)732English Chamber Pot Set (2)
227Tarascan “Teapot” Vessel510Cartonnage Fragment with Two Panels734Two Helmets & Pair of Epaulets (4)
233Maya Molded Figure511Cartonnage Panel with Relief Partial Wig735Decorated Bronze Vessel & Mortar (2)
234Maya Orangeware-Plumbate Pottery Cylinder515Egyptian Framed Faience Mummy Bead Necklace741Albrecht Durer “Man of Sorrows by the Column”
239Maya Polychrome Dignitary Vase516Pale Green Ushabti
243Maya Stylized Owl Form Bowl517Lapis Ba Bird Amulet & Two Uzat Eyes (3)