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Fine Pre-Columbian, Tribal & African Art, and Classical Antiquities #72 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
030Mezcala Figure and Head (2)308Amlash Bronze Horse and Bull Container (2)430Indigo Frit Bes
087Colima Tripod Rattle Effigy Vessel322Standing Bronze Figure with Raised Hand431Faience Seated Bes
097Chinesco Type D Seated Female Figure325Two Bronze Spear Blades and a Knife (3)432Egyptian Figure of Bes
098Chinesco Type C Seated Male Figure330Luristan Standard and Figural Ornament (2)435Rare Egyptian Cylinder Seal
101Fine Veracruz Head336Luristan Bronze Patera444Seljuk Bronze Panther with Cub
114Teotihuacan Plumbate Huehueteotl Head Vessel337Five Small Luristan Bronze Chariots447Graceful Islamic Bottle
115Lidded Maya Cylinder338Biblical Middle Bronze Age Pottery Amphora 453Two Roman Glass Handled Flasks
116Maya Orangeware Footed Vase340Holyland Pottery Amphora457Three Pattern Molded Sprinkler Flasks
122Stone Star Gazing Male Figure341Ancient Near Eastern Basalt Bowl464Large Michoacan Standing Figure
133Tumaco Lord on Throne 349Parthian Silver Plaque475Two Pottery Figural Incensario Tops
134Colombian Effigy Vase with Handle 353Scythian Gold Ram Head Applique479Maya Pottery Bowl
135Guangala Standing Female Figure354Two Bronze Belt Buckles with Couples481Two Costa Rican Pottery Bowls
139Salinar Geometric Vessel367Pair of Greek Fibulae487Paracas Blackware Bowl with Incised Geometric Decoration
140Chavin Owl Vessel368Silver Bottle Form Vase488Moche Gray Ware Ai-Apec and Vicus Vessels (2)
144Gold Pendant and Silver Tweezer Necklaces (3)372Greek Molded Pottery Bull489Chavin Feather Textured Vessel
145Chavin Mythological Being Frieze373Greco-Hellenistic Terracotta Animals (2)491Viru-Salinar Monkey Vessel
146Chavin Stirrup Vessel with Feathered Pattern375Large Blackware Oinochoe492Two Paracas Incised Bowls
155Chimu Lidded Wooden Box376Large Blackware Oinochoe495Moche II Reclining Jaguar
156Chancay Anthropomorphic Vase380Gnathian Ware Pottery Oinochoe499Two Chimu Blackware Vessels
161Sican Bronze Openwork Plaque381Gnathian Ware Skyphos and Small Oinochoe (2)545Australian Body Armor
170Inca Llama Hoof Vessel383Gnathiaware Ribbed Skyphos546Indonesian Carved Wood Dragon Head
183Guro Female Figure384Gnathiaware Olpe and Footed Dish (2)554Basketry Olla
185Dan Mask385Daunian Ware Askos562Four Luristan Bronze Goat Pendants
188Senufo Dance Wand386Pair of Canosan Molded Pottery Figures563Two Luristan Bronze Goats
189Baule Fly Whisk Handle387Roman Pottery Amphora565Two Bronze Blade Butts and a Pitchfork (3)
199Dogon Figure389Romano-British Prancing Horse567Bone Bird Amulet and Two Bronzes (3)
220Dakari Funerary Couple392Roman Glass Beaded Necklace571Three Small Juglets
250Female Figure399Canaanite Anthropoid Sarcophagus Mask572Chlorite Votive and Chambered Container (2)
251Kifwebe Wood Mask401Pre-Dynastic Pottery Hippo574Boeotian Boar and Figural Bust (2)
272Balinese Garuda402Middle Kingdom Wooden Arm575Two Encrusted Bronze Vessels
279Bactrian Banded Calcite/Alabaster Bowl407Egyptian Ushabti578Four Ancient Silver Bracelets
281Western Asian Gold Figural Applique416Inscribed Amulet of Sekhmet579Theater Token & Glass Pendant (2)
282Three Gold Appliques with Lions and Dangles417Faience Amulet of Maahes594Four Roman Glass Bottles
283Gold Diadem with Sphinx421Egyptian Stone Isis Holding Horus595Two Islamic Glass Bottles
285Sumerian Lapis Lion423Fine Early Dynastic Stone Vessel602Electrum Dinar
307Bull on Abstract Bull Bronze Vessel Handle424Four Fine Blue Amulets622Five Thai Bronze Musicians