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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical & Egyptian Antiquities #82 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
017Tlatilco Skirted Pretty Lady Figure D-4 Type273Recuay Man with Llama406Bronze Horus & Isis Grouping
025Olmec Seated Baby284Moche Fine-Line Painted Globular Vessel408Colonial Mexican Large Recumbent Wooden Lion
070Chupicuaro Tripod Face Bowl 319Chancay Medium Sized China423Dan Mask with Horns
089Mixtec Green-Gray Stone Figure with Crossed Arms337Amlash Bronze Mounted Equestrian Figures (2)425Dan Mask with Slit Eyes
119Colima Bedded Figure 340Sabaean Bronze Inscribed Altar with Half Moon & Sun Design427Dan Mask
131Withdrawn lot347Daunian Kyathos & Xenon Footed Bowl (2)438Ere-Ibeji Twin Figures wearing Cowrie Cloaks
134Colima Redware Seated Dog348Greek Gold Diadem with Inscribed Dedication442Two Small Ibeji Figures (2)
162Colima Seated Male Figure349Philip II Silver Tetradrachma449Yoruba Shango Staff
205Nayarit Figures Matched Pair350Silver Denarius of Octavian452Bamun Chief Collar
208Jalisco Seated Woman Holding Bowl352John VI & John V Silver Basilikon469Mezcala Standing Stone Figures (2)
211Seated Jalisco Figure361Greek Marble Partial Head472Michoacan & Two Chupicuaro Bowls (3)
229Maya Carved Marble Tripod Bowl 370Sassanian Necklace with Faceted Agate Beads490Colima Large Redware Olla with Opposing Heads
231Mixtec/Maya Greenstone Face Plaque374Roman Aubergine Head Flask 510Huastec Zoomorphic Vessels (2)
242Maya Polychrome Decorated Chief Plate378Withdrawn Lot 515Costa Rican Stone Anthropomorphic Celts (2)
260Costa Rican Stone Metate with Owl Figural Legs384Roman Cast Formed Glass Bowl524Two Bronze Age Pottery Juglets & Oil Lamp (3)
261Costa Rican Stone Metate with Three Avian Figures387Large Carved Limestone Ushabti529Chinese Glazed Porcelain Vase
262Matched Pair of Stone Sukia Figures (2)399Gold Foil Uzat Eye & Roman Leaf (2)
266Unusually Large Tairona Pottery Vessel402Glass Heart Bottle, Alabastron Amulet & Scarab (3)