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Fine Pre-Columbian, Tribal Art & Classical Antiquities UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Olmecoid Jade Celts (2)279Marajo Stepped Olla & Lidded Jar (2)447Egyptian Stone Figure of Anubis
007Olmec Greenstone Transformational Figure 286Babylonian Stone Duck Seals (3)454Pale Blue Faience Button Scarabs & Amulets of Toth (4)
012Xochipala Alabaster Cylinder Vases (2)288Terracotta Biscuit with Cuneiform Text458Molded Figure of Harpokrates with Enlarged Phallus
034Tlatilco Pottery Figural Busts (2) 296Two Unusual Round Terracotta Tablets with Cuneiform Writing461Islamic Bronze Vessels (2)
059Chupicuaro Small Figures (6) 298Three Cuneiform Tablets One with Partial Envelope (3)463Nishapur Baluster Shape Vase
095Two Pairs of Archaic Male Colima Figures (4) 299Ancient Gold, Silver & Bronze Ancient Bracelets (7)465Group of 9 Bronze Age to Hellenistic Pottery Vessels
100Large Colima Seated Drinker Figure 304Luristan Noded Bronze & Silver Bracelets & Latch (6)470Three Phoenician Glass Face Beads
103Colima Standing Warrior Wielding Club 305Three Luristan Bronze Animal-form Pin Handles472Group of 15 Glass Bangle Bracelets
104Colima Standing Warrior with Backsplash & Wielding Club 306Luristan Bronze Animals (5)473Roman Iridescent Glass Jars (2)
106Colima Large Seated Figure with Jesterís Collar 319Roman Molded Terracotta Oil Lamp477Pale Green Glass Bowl with Wheel Cut Bands
108Colima Acrobat with Bowl 321Greco-Roman Silver Actorís Maskette 483Roman Light Green Glass Cup
114Colima Figure Seated on Phallus323Parthian Gold Earrings492Mughul Gold & Ruby Pendant
116Colima Seated Dog 327Kilia Heads (3)493Indian Royal Pendant with Gold and Precious Stones
118Jalisco Standing Pregnant Dog 335Attic Black Figure Skyphos500Maiolica Albarello with Noah and the Ark Scene
119Colima Dog-Form Dome349Xenon Sessile Kantharos & Gnathian Skyphos (2)518Siassi Island Carved Wooden Food Dish
122Colima Turtle Vessel355Syrian Limestone Bust of a Youth520Philippine Seated Bulul Figure
139Jalisco Ameca Female with Bowl 356Syrian Limestone Bust540Pair of Tall Standing Iron Figures
160Veracruz Monumental Standing Deity357Syrian Limestone Bust542Two Mossi Abstract Dolls
180Maya Lidded Jaguar Incensario360Sabean Alabaster Tripod Altar543Two Large Mossi Wooden Flutes
187Maya Seated Figural Urn 362Roman Bronze Hippocampus with Rider545Two Mossi Medium Sized Wooden Flutes
192Maya Polychrome Decorated Pottery Figure363Roman Bronze Mythological Figure547Bamun Helmet Mask
199Mixtec Jade Penate & Gold Necklace373Roman Bronze Eros & Bust (2) 554Standing Mumuye Male Figure
210Chavin Lentoid Vessel with Incised Geometrics377Roman Red Jasper Cameo of a Bearded Man569Fipa Fetish Figure
211Chavin Pottery Vessel with Ring Design on Stipple Ground387Roman Silver Mirror571Early Hardwood Carving of Standing Prisoners
213Colombian Axe & Five Celts in Three Frames388Fine Hellenistic Small Terracotta Head of Silenus 575Chupicuaro Oblong Face Bowl & Two Polychrome Bowls (3)
215Tamalameque Lidded Effigy Vessel390Late Roman Bone Figure of Aphrodite578Chupicuaro & Colima Head Pot Vessels (2)
222Paracas Stirrup Vessel with Birdís Head399Hellenistic Gold Pomegranate & Amphora Pendants (2)581Colima Pottery Head Vessels (2)
224Paracas Pottery Plaque/Plate with Incised Zoomorph406Roman Gold Shell-Form Earrings590Maya Mouse Bowl, Armadillo Whistle & Molded Man (3)
228Moche Blackware Erotic Vessel414Egyptian Gold Plaque614Marajoara Small Decorated Bowl
254Inca Shell Player & Phytomorphic Vessel418Thinite Diorite or Basalt Lentoid Flask615Marajoara Unusual Double Pottery Vessel
255Inca Stone Canopa423Faience Jar with Eared Lugs626Roman Bronze Applique and Handle (2)
271Sihuas Textile430Egyptian Green Glazed Late Period Ushabti630Two Pairs of Late Byzantine Silver Earrings
273Marajoara Decorated Lobed Olla431Olive Green Faience Ushabti633Two Egyptian Bronze Embryonic Sarcophagi (2)
274Marajoara Bowl with Carved Decoration432Green Glazed & Pale Blue Upper Ushabti (2)638Bronze Seals, Oil Lamp, Lock Parts & Spoon (6)
275Marajoara Redware Incised Olla433Egyptianizing Bronze Harpokrates640Four Late Byzantine/Islamic Silver Finger Rings
277Arari Redware Incised Ovular Bowl440Egyptian Sarcophagus Panel
278Marajo Incised and Painted Pottery Dish446Faience Openwork Uzat Eye