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Fine Pre-Columbian, Tribal & Classical Antiquities 84 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
010Large Pottery Tlatilco Figure277Pictographic & Round Cuneiform Tablets (2)487Ibeji Male and Female Couple
026Small Chupicuaro Pretty Lady Figures (5)290Luristan Bronze Bowl492Female Ibeji Twins with Crested Updo (2)
033Chupicuaro Vessel291Luristan Silvered Bronze Bowl521Tanzania Shambaa Figure with Rope
070Colima Warrior, Seated Figure & Mother with Child (3)292Luristan Bronze Axes (3)530Decorated Bronze Vessel & Mortar (2)
072Colima Redware Pottery Shrimp Vessel298Celtic Bronze Axe Head532Russian Icon with Silvered Copper Cover Plate
073Colima Redware Pottery Four-Lobed Vessel302Large Iron Age Pottery Vessels (2)533Fancy Russian Icon with Cloisonne Halos in Gilt Box Frame
075Colima Redware Pottery Double Lobed Vessel306Bactrian Gold Pendants (2)553Chancay Textile Tumpline & Wooden Staff (2)
087Colima Double Bird Vessel346Western Greek Protome Maskette554Colima Figural Vessel
098Colima Seated Dwarf Hunchback Figural Vessel350Greek Molded Pottery Figure564Jalisco Seated Figures (2)
115Colima Blackware Pottery Head Vessel361Daunian Ware Funnel Krater567Zacatecas Miniature Seated Female Figure
121Colima Seated Female with Bowl On Shoulder362Daunian Ware Funnel Krater572Maya Polychrome Decorated Whistling Figure
124Colima Large Seated Male Figure363Daunian Ware Askos581Moche Molded Pottery Figures (2)
131Pihuamo Seated Female Figural Vessel364Daunian Ware Olpe & Bowl (2)5952 Neolithic Danish Daggers
140Nayarit Helmeted Warrior376Roman-Syrian Molded Figure603Large Silver Clothing Pin and Bronze Surgical Tool (2)
163Nopiloa Figural Rattle377Roman Bronze Herm Latch605Redware Pottery Jar
168Large Maya Decorated Plate 380Bronze Four Candle Candleabra617Greek Pottery Figures (5)
169Maya Tripod Plate with Profile Face381Roman Bronze Steelyard Weights (2)628Daunian Ware Pedestal Dish
176Codex Vase with Sky Band & Water Symbols383Byzantine Small Bronze Crosses (10)637Egyptian Stone Tapered Jar
197Costa Rican Polychrome Decorated Seated Figure384Byzantine Gold Plaque with Crucified Jesus & Apostles657Kuba Beaded Baton & Whisk (2)
199Costa Rican Warrior with Trophy Head385Gold Coiled Snake Hair Ring663Baule Gong & Beater (2)
201Late Moche Gilt Copper Ear Spools (2)386Repousee Gold Satyr Head Pendant665Senufo Bird Dance Staff
204Moche Copper Roundel with Monkey Pendant392Middle Kingdom Granite Pyriform Vase672Yoruba Altar Shrine
205Copper Staff Head with Deer & Dangling Bells403Faience Uaz Amulet with Surmounted Baboon675Storage Vessel
209Ai-Apec Headed Copper Tupu with remnants of Gilding404Anubis Faience Amulet676Female Ibeji Figures (3)
211Chimu Copper Figural Cal Spoon 406Horus Falcon Faience Amulet679Altar Medicine Staffs (9)
212Sican Copper Tumi with Chief Head Finial413Egyptian Bronze Osiris681Luba Comb and Zaramo Doll (2)
217Moche-Chimu Flat Copper Tumis (3) 414Egyptian Bronze Striding Horus685Pair of Kongo Brass Bracelets
226Large Standing Female Cuchimilco 422Finger Rings with Glass Embedments (2)699Lumi Hardwood Food Bowl
228Chancay Anthropomorphic China436Roman Small Handled Bottles (2)701Kina Bride Price
251Crow Indian Beaded Leather with Fringe Bag 461Bassa Mask704Two Helmets & Pair of Epaulets (4)
260Danish Neolithic Boat Stone Axe473Djenne Horse and Rider on Bell
270Neolithic Small to Medium Adzes (3) 477Grassfields Dignitary Figure