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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, and Classical Antiquities 85 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
002Olmec Miniature Seated Figure 139Jalisco Curled Dog Vessel339Phoenician Large Pottery Idol
005Olmec Miniature Crawling Baby140Zacatecas Seated Female Figure340Boeotian Pottery Idol
046Michoacan Large Seated Figure158Veracruz Large Eagle Deity Incensario350Apulian Oinochoe with Lady of Fashion Profile
052Michoacan Large Decorated Olla 190Maya Seated Figure373Roman Millefiore Patella Cup
053Michoacan Jar, Bowl & Tripod (3)193Maya Matching Pair of Choc Incensarios387Cartonnage Panel with Relief Partial Wig
054Michoacan Globular Ollas (2)208Maya Polychrome Decorated Plate with Deer389Cartonnage Fragment with Two Panels
056Chupicuaro Decorated Vessels (2)212Jaina Seated Deity with Goatee 396Japanese Large Samurai Iron Urn
057Chupicuaro Bowls (3)216Maya Polychrome Chief Vase 422East Sepik Basket Hook Figure
061Chupicuaro Small Decorated Ollas (2)219Cocle Polychrome Decorated Fruitera427Dog Tooth Necklace
070Archaic Colima Figure with Slingshot231Chavin Gray Ware Bottle 430Naga Warriors Belt & Apron
075Colima Seated Figures (2)233Chavin Textured Bottle 435Kulango Maternity Figure
080Colima Double Bird Vessel236Paracas Bridge Handle Vessel with Falcon Motif 444Bamun Watercolor Painting “Sultan Njoya and His Court”
081Colima Bound Shaman Prisoner Vessel237Paracas Decorated Bridged Double Spout Vessel447Large Articulated Ibibio Mask
082Colima Anthropomorphic Reclinatorio238Vicus Feline Vessel452Ibibio Articulated Mask
089Colima Redware Dog249Moche Seated Chief471Tlatilco Heads & Bust (3)
090Colima Redware Coatimundi257Moche Copper Tumi with Seated Man 475Nayarit & Chinesco Figures (3)
091Colima Dog With Bowl on Back267Wari Figural Wooden Tupu476Colima Head Vessels (2)
095Colima Double Duck Vessel271Large Copper Roundel with Incised Figure of Ai-Apec478Colima Shaman Figure Squating on Haunches
104Colima Redware Janus Head Vessel278Huari Carved Janus Kero 481Olmecoid Head Pot & Colima Redware Olla (2)
109Colima Large Squash Vessel282Chimu/Inca Blackware Boat Vessel483Pre-Classic Chinesco Seated Figures (2)
111Colima Redware Ollas (2)283Chimu/Inca Vessel with Figure Wearing Earspools498Nayarit Olla with Anthropomorphic Face
118Colima Seated Hunchback284Chimu-Inca Blackware Figural Vessels (2)511Middle Eastern Oil Lamps (3)
126Colima Turkey Whistle292Chancay Bichrome Chuchimilco516Stone Man with Exaggerated Phallus
130Large Ameca Warrior with Captive 293Chancay Polychrome Decorated Female Figure519Roman-Egyptian Heads (20)
133Jalisco Matching Male & Female Couple296Inca Pictographic Painted Plaque
134Jalisco Seated Woman Holding Bowl334Anatolian Small Marble Figure