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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical and Asian Antiquities #87 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
001Olmec Jadeite Standing Figure208Pucara/Tiwanaku Transitional Stone Kero415Khmer Seated Deity Figure
002Olmec Serpentine Figure209Viru/Recuay Owl Trumpet with Black Resist Decoration416Khmer Bronze Pouring Vessel
003Olmec Head & Tlatilco D-4 Figure (2)210Recuay Decorated Pottery Trumpet 417Khmer Large Glazed Pottery Vessel
004Olmecoid Head with Torso Wearing Ear Spools211Moche Pottery Jaguar Trumpet418Khmer Bronze Seated Buddha
005Mezcala Large Stone Mask212Huari Polychrome Decorated Double Spout Vessel419Indian & Nepalese Bronze Sculptures (4)
006Green Stone Mezcala Figure213Huari Polychrome Decorated Double Spout Vessel420Indian Brass Figures (5)
007Mezcala Speckled Green Stone Figure 214Moche I Ayahuasca User Vessel 421Khmer Large Bronze Bell
008Mezcala Hardstone Figure 215Large Moche Corn God Vessel422Thai Stucco Head of Dvaripala
009Mezcala Serpentine Mask with Triple Drilled Eyes216Moche IV Head Vessel423Thai Stucco Deity Head
010Michoacan Decorated Tripod Bowl217Inca Painted Pottery Tablets (2)424Thai Bronze Buddha Hand
011Chupicuaro Polychrome Decorated Bowl218Moche Spondylus Shell Yoke Necklace425Khmer Bronze Decorated Bowl
012Chupicuaro Figural Vessel219Inca Spondylus Shell Figure & Chancay Wooden Monkey (2)426Thai Grayware Pottery Pouring Vessel
013Chupicuaro Miniature Figures (4)220Moche Owl Deity Warrior Tumi427Ratanikosin Buddha on Tiered Base
014Michoacan Pretty Ladies (3)221Huacho Polychrome Decorated Standing Figure428Burmese Seated Bronze Buddha
015Pre-Classic Seated Figures (2) 222Inca Large Stone Phallic Pestle429Pair of Mandalay Gilt Figures
016Michoacan & Chupicuaro Figures (4)223Inca Double Globular Vessel with Jaguar 430Thai Bronze Buddha Head
017Michoacan Pretty Ladies (3)224Sican Whistling Parrot Vessel431Tibetan Tsong Kapa Bronze Buddha Figure
018Chupicuaro & Michoacan Figures (6)225Inca Parrot Vessel 432Indian Decorated Bronze Pitcher
019Michoacan Pretty Lady Playing Flute226Inca-Chimu Blackware Frog Vessel433Nepalese Copper Tea Pot
020Xochipala Bench Figure227Inca Blackware Trussed Deer434Tibetan Copper Krodha Vighnantka Deity
021Tlatilco Type K Pretty Lady228Chancay Pottery Spiked Shell Halves (2)435Large Burmese Gilt Wood Buddha
022Large Michoacan Flat Female229Chancay Lidded Wooden Box436Thai Glazed Pottery Acrobat Vessel
023Pre-Classic Standing Figure with Bared Teeth230Inca Matched Pair of Wooden Keros437Thai Bronze Buddha
024Tlatilco Seated Figure 231Sican Copper Decorated Roundel 438Japanese Jizo Bosatsu Stone Figure
025Colima Large Redware Snarling Dog232Chancay Small China439Nepalese Wooden Phurbas (2)
026Colima Redware Seated Dog233Chancay Frog Vessel440Japanese Porcelain Cat
027Colima Seated Dog234Chancay & Huacho Painted Figures (2)441Korean Porcelain Bowl
028Colima Redware Dog235Tiwanaku Lighting Bolt Basket442Japanese Glazed Ceramic Seated Dog
029Colima Double Ducks236Tiwanaku Decorated Basket443Japanese Kyotoware Erotic Lady
030Colima Redware Dog 237Inca Very Large Tunic444Japanese Wood Seated Figure
031Colima Small Two-tone Redware Dog238Large Chancay Brown & Tan Textile445Late Edo Japanese Wooden Seated Official
032Colima Dog Vessel with Incised Decoration239Morocco Mousterian Hand Axe446Jomon Pottery Figure
033Colima Ocelot Vessel240Lower Acheulean Hand Axe447Japanese Horn Traveling Cup
034Early Colima Blackware Dog 241Early Acheulean Hand Axe 448Japanese Traveling Shrine
035Colima Horned Toad Vessel242Mid Acheulean Hand Axe449Japanese Menpo
036Colima Curled Dog Vessel 243Lower Acheulean Hand Axe450Samurai Armor
037Jalisco Seated Dog & Dog with Puppies (2)244Egypt Quartzite Stone Point451Muslim Boys Circumcision Iron Sarong Clip with Gold Overlay
038Pair of Large Colima Flats245Solutrean Knapped Blade452Navajo Ganado Design Blanket
039Archaic Colima Drummer246Syro-Hittite Astarte453Native American Walking Stick with Lead Handle & Inlay
040Colima Bird & Head Pot (2)247Syros Stone Idol454Navajo Diamond Pattern Blanket
041Pihuamo Colima Seated Figure248Mesopotamian Mother & Child Idol455Butterfly Bannerstone
042Large Standing Warrior Holding Club249Vinca Pottery Figural Bust456Butterfly Gray Slate Bannerstone
043Colima Seated Hunchback Adolescent Figural Urn250Syrian Neolithic Limestone Idol457Chambri Lake Stone Head
044Colima Mahogany Obsidian Spear Blade 251Kilia Marble Head and Bust458Bird Mask with Feathers
045Colima Large Face Vessel252Kilia Type Alabaster Idol Head459Eskimo Carved Needle Case
046Colima Redware Gadrooned Vessel253Kilia Type Large Abstract Marble Head460Indonesian Bronze Toggle Bar with Afo Heads
047Colima Figure with Olla on Back254Bronze Age Tripod Vessel461Kapkap Ornament
048Colima Large Seated Figure 255Early Bronze Age Decorated Bowl462Tridacna Shell Loop Earrings
049Colima Seated Hunchback Vessel256Judiac Iron Age Large Vessel463Large New Guinea Shield
050Colima Redware Acrobat Vessel 257Speckled Stone & Hematite Swan Weights (3)464Biwat Shield
051Colima Female Figure with Flared Headdress258Stone Small Swan Seals (4)465Gope Spirit Board
052Large Colima Standing Figure 259Sumerian Brick with Cuneiform Inscription466Large Iatmul Flute Stopper
053Large Colima Standing Figure 260Hittite Cuneiform Tablet467Large Yipwon Hunting Spirit
054Colima Seated Jester Figure 261Unusual Steatite Seals (2)468New Ireland Malagan Figure
055Large Pihuamo Standing Figure 262Mesopotamian Recumbent Ram Pendants (2)469Ancestor Figure
056Colima Hunchback wearing Jesters Collar 263Bactrian Lapis Roundel470Papuan Gulf Figural Staff Finial
057Colima Redware Figure with Bowl264Alabaster Jar with Lug Handles 471Small New Guinea Yipwon
058Nayarit Warrior with Club and Armor265Boeotian Pottery Boar472Large Abelam Basketry Mask
059Jalisco Large Seated Warrior with Club266Iron Age Pottery Female Idol473Kamanibit Iatmul Mask
060Colima Very Large Figural Vessel267Old Babylonian Pottery Idol474Agiba Votive Board
061Colima Seated Figure with Bowl268Roman Female Pottery Figure475Ramu River Mask
062Jalisco Seated Male269Roman Oil Lamp with Amphora Decoration476Dayak Ceremonial Paddle
063Ameca Seated Female270Silver Griffin Ornament477Tabor Island Malagan Figure
064Ameca Woman with Bowl271Amlash Bronze Equestrian & Grain Sifter (2)478Large Iatmul Figural Basket Hook
065Ameca Seated Female Figure272Amlash Bronze Erotic Pendants (2)479Kalinga Headhunter War Shield
066Jalisco Sheep Face Seated Figure 273Scythian Bronzes of Animals (3)480Tonga Neckrest
067San Sebastian Standing Female274Silver Bull Head Seal & Bronze Panther (2)481Dan Mask
068Jalisco Sheep-Face Seated Female275Red Figure Pyxis Vessel 482We Guere-Wobe Mask with Shells & Bells
069Jalisco Helmeted Warrior Holding Spear276Apulian Decorated Guttos483Dan Wood Mask
070Ameca Standing Medium Female277Fine Lidded Lekanis with Sea Monsters484Dan Round Eye Mask
071Zacatecas Standing Female Figure278Pair of Kantharoi in Deco Mounts (2)485Dan Deongle Mask
072Large Pair of Zacatecas Figures 279Kantharos with Ladies of Fashion486Dan We Mask
073Zacatecas Smaller Pair of Figures 280Attic Black Figure Oinochoe487Baga Female Bust Headdress
074Ixtlan Del Rio Seated Figure281Oinoche with Red Figure Nude Male488Vai Helmet Mask
075Ixtlan Del Rio Seated Pair (2)282Attic Red Figure Kylix489Loma “Angbai” Mask
076Ixtlan del Rio Conjoined Couple283Matched Pair of Bucchero Ware Oinochoi490Baule Male Figure
077Chinesco Seated Female Figure284Etruscan Bucchero Ware Oinochoe491Baule “Gban” Monkey Helmet Mask
078Chinesco Type B Redware Figure 285Etruscan Bucchero Ware Vessels (4)492Baule Female Figure
079Chinesco Polychrome Decorated Seated Figure286Daunian Ware Funnel Krater493Pair of Senufo Rhythm Pounders (2)
080Zapotec Seated Deity Urn287Duanian Ware Askos494Baule Female “Blolo Bla”
081Zapotec Deity Urn288Daunian Ware Askos 495Kom Monkey Mask
082Zacatecas Miniature Figures (3)289Roman Small Marble Head496Kom Akam Mask with Hair & Beard
083Three Drummers, Warrior & Enthroned Figure (5)290Hellenistic Marble Head497Lobi Pair of Figures
084Veracruz Sonriente Figure291Roman Marble Small Head498Lobi Female Figure
085Veracruz Smiling Face Sonriente 292Late Roman Marble Head 499Bamun Helmet Mask
086Nopiloa Helmeted Figure293Roman Marble Torso500Large Mossi Horned Mask
087Veracruz Deity Head 294Greek Bronze Handle501Bwa Buffalo Mask
088Veracruz Pottery Face295Greek/Etruscan Geometric Bronze Horse502Ashanti Prestige Openwork Sword
089Aztec Censer296Roman Bronze Horse503Chiwara Antelope Headdress
090Jaina Figural Rattle297Roman Bronze Patera Handle504African Brass Weights, Birds & Pendants (14)
091Tarascan Serpent Pipe298Roman Bronze Oil Lamps (2)505Ashanti Gilt Finger Ring
092Joachin Standing Deity Figure299Judaic Bronze Incense Shovel 506Ashanti Gilt Crossed Crocodiles Pendant
093Veracruz Seated Figure with Hands on Knees300Roman Bronze Figure & Bearded Head (2)507Fanti Drum
094Mixtec Tlaloc Figure 301Roman Bronze Boss with Head of Silenus508Kwele “Pibibuze” Mask
095Veracruz Figure with Arms Raised 302Roman Large Pottery Amphora509Bronze Ashanti Lizard
096Veracruz Coast Watcher303Roman Garnet Necklace510Fon Ceremonial Board
097Pair of Maya Variegated Greenstone Petal Earspools 304Islamic Carnelian and Crystal Necklace511Bamana Kono Society Mask
098Maya Shell Pendant with Incised Glyph305Roman Glass Amphora512Chiwara Antelope Crest
099Aztec Ceremonial Blades (2)306Roman & Islamic Glass Vessels (3)513Dogon Breast Granary Door Panel
100Aztec Flint Ceremonial Blade307Roman Glass Plumbob, Four Vials & Three Jars (8)514Large Marka Mask with Aluminum Detail
101Aztec Flint Ceremonial Blades (2)308Roman Net Pattern Flask with Constricted Neck515Dogon Granary Door
102Mixtec Polychrome Incensario of Seated Xantil Figure 309Roman Glass Bottles (2)516Ibeji Twins (2)
103Aztec Stone Jaguar Mortar310Hellenistic Cast & Cut Glass Bowl517Dogon Cloth Divination Bag with Figures
104Maya Llama Hacha311Sassanian Cut Glass Bottle 518Yoruba “Omolangidi”
105Maya Hardstone Serpent Hacha 312Sassanian Cut Glass Squat Bottle519Eshu Staff “Ogo Elegba”
106Maya Polychrome Decorated Bird Bowl 313Byzantine Gold Cross with Garnet Inlay520“Olumeye” Shrine Figure
107Maya Small Copador Bowl with Glyphs314Byzantine Gold Cross with Glass Inlays521Yoruba Egungun Headdress
108Maya Fine Copador Bowl315Byzantine Gold Cross with Inset Garnet522Yoruba “Agere Ifa” Divination Bowl with Figures
109Maya Polychrome Decorated Chief Bowl 316Roman Bone Putti with Gold Suspension Loop523Ibibio Grotesque Mask
110Maya Bowl with Seated Chiefs & Bird Design317Roman Cameos (3) 524Yoruba Figural Pole
111Maya Bowl with Polychrome Bird Design318Hellenistic Hoop Earrings (3)525Ibibio Mask
112Maya Polychrome Dignitary Vase319Sassanian Gold Beads (4)526Prestige Metal Sword
113Maya Polychrome Plate with Young Lord320Near Eastern Gold Necklace Pendants (6)527Yoruba Shango Figural Staff
114Maya Pet Dealer/Smoking God Plate321Roman Jasper & Carnelian Intaglios (2)528Yoruba Horse and Rider
115Maya Polychrome Decorated Plate322Roman Red-Orange Carnelian Intaglios with Figures (2)529Teke Reliquary Figure with Button Eyes
116Maya Polychrome Decorated Chief Plate323Roman Jasper Intaglios (2)530Mumuye Figure
117Maya Tripod Plate with Profile Face324Roman Carnelian Intaglios with Figures & Animals (2)531Yoruba Carved Bone Divination Tapper
118Maya Polychrome Decorated Tripod Plate325Roman Glass Cameo and Glass Negro Head Pendant (2)532Pende Wood Mask
119Large Maya Decorated Plate 326Roman Gold Finger Ring with Inset Cameo533Pende “Mbuya” Mask
120Maya Small Polychrome Decorated Tripod Plate327Gold Finger Ring with Millefiore Cabochon534Lwalwa Mask
121Costa Rican Polychrome Decorated Bowl328Roman Silver Ring with Carnelian Intaglio535Pende Fetish Headdress
122Maya Pottery Dog329Roman Silver Ring with Red Carnelian Intaglio536Suku Ceremonial Palm Wine Cup
123Maya Eccentric Flint Knife330Islamic Gold Finger Ring with Intaglio537Mbole Backrest
124Maya Poison Bottle331Roman Bronze Ring with Carnelian Intaglio538Small Kifwebe Mask
125Maya Slip Ware Skull Vessel- God A 332Roman Gold Boss Earrings with Dangles539Chokwe Mask
126Maya Cache Vessel333Roman Gold Wire & Glass Bead Earrings (2)540Kuba Miniature Mboom Mask
127Maya Large Quiche Lidded Urn334Gold Crescentic Pendant with Inset Garnet541Ceremonial Luba Bow Stand
128Maya/Izapa Two-Part Deity Cache Vessel335Egyptian Scarab Lot (33)542Makonde Sick Mask
129Maya Polychrome Chief & Black Monkey Vase336Roman Gold Necklace & Bracelet (2)543Nyamwezi Fetish Figure
130Maya Elaborate Fineline Polychrome Cylinder Vase 337Blue Faience Ankh Necklace Set in Modern Gold with Diamonds544Colima Decorated Vessel
131Maya Codex Type Decorated Plate338Egyptian Hematite Finger Amulet with Gold Suspension Loop545Mezcala Figure & Maskette Pendant (2)
132Maya Classic Decorated Chief Cylinder Vase339Gold, Glass and Garnet Pendants (3)546Chupicuaro Striped Bowl
133Maya Ulua Polychrome Decorated Vase 340Roman Gold Link Bracelet547Mezcala Stone Necklace
134Maya Ulua Valley Polychrome Decorated Vase341Egyptianizing Amethyst Scarab Pendant 548Chupicuaro Bowls with Face Designs (2)
135Maya Tiquisate Pottery Female342Roman Lead Sarcophagus Panel549Chupicuaro Large Bowl
136Maya Polychrome Decorated Monkey Bowl343Roman Mosaic Panel 550Veracruz Pottery Head
137Maya Codex Vase with Water Lilies 344Egyptian Wooden Sarcophagus Panel551Nayarit Duck Vessel
138Maya Codex Vase345Egyptian Blue Glazed Faience Ushabti of Huy552Nayarit Tripod Vessel with Helmeted Head
139Maya Miniature Bowl with Glyphs346Egyptian Blue Glazed Faience Ushabti of Hori553Nayarit Figure Wearing Cloak
140Maya Seated Fire God Lidded Vessel 347Egyptian White Glazed Faience Ushabti of Hori554Nayarit Pulque Drinking Figure
141Maya Bowl with Figures in Feathered Outfits348Egyptian Faience Ushabti for Psamm-tek555Colima Double Dog Head Vessel
142Maya Carved Bowl349Egyptian Faience Ushabti556Colima Mother and Child & Figure in Hut (2)
143Exceptional Maya Stucco Deity Head350Egyptian Terracotta Ushabti557Colima Standing Flat Figures (2)
144Maya Polychrome Decorated Bowl with Battle Scene351Egyptian Deep Blue Ushabti558Nayarit & Jalisco Seated Female Figures (2)
145Costa Rican Polychrome Vessel with Maya Influence352Egyptian Small Blue Faience Ushabti559West Mexico Miniature Dogs (4)
146Maya Copador Polychrome Decorated Cylinder Vase353Egyptian Basalt Bust of an Important Official560Nayarit & Jalisco Figures (4)
147Maya Copador Fineline Decorated Olla 354Egyptian Wooden Mummy Mask561Colima with Puppy, Standing Figure & El Chanal Seated Figure (3)
148Maya Polychrome Decorated Bowl with Dancers355Egyptian Wooden Sarcophagus Panel562Nayarit Dog Head Vessel & Figural Pot (2)
149Maya Bowl with Polychrome Geometric Decoration356Egyptian Bronze Mirror563Colima Vase & Ticoman Bowl with Face (2)
150Maya Teotihuacan Old Fire God Brazier 357Seated Bronze Osiris564Michoacan Tripod Bowls & Orangeware Vase (3)
151Maya Decorated Conch Shell358Egyptian Bronze Sekhmet565Costa Rican Stone Figure
152Maya Decorated Conch Shell 359Bronze Apis Bull566Bird Pendant, Jade Pendant & Two Colombian Nose Rings (4)
153Jaina Seated Shaman in Trance Figural Whistle360Egyptian Silver Ibis567Chavin Decorated Bottle
154Large Costa Rican Jaguar Metate 361Egyptian Stone Amulet of Hapi the Baboon568Viru Head Vessel
155Costa Rican Jaguar Metate 362Egyptian Lion Head Amulets (2)569Bronze & Copper Items (9)
156Cocle Polychrome Decorated Fruitera 363Egyptian Glass Hathor Head570Moche Geometric Stirrup Vessel
157Cocle Decorated Pedestal Bowl364Egyptian Faience Amulets (3)571Chancay Clam Vessel
158Cocle Polychrome Fruitera365Horus Falcon & Uaz Amulets (2)572Chancay Figure, Llama & Inca Blackware Figure (3)
159Cocle Fruitera Geometric Patterns366Egyptian Faience Large Uzat Eye573Taino Hardstone Celt
160Large Costa Rican Standing Redware Figure367Egyptian Bone Ibis Amulet574Paleolithic Empty Quarter Blade
161Costa Rican Jaguar Urn368Egyptian Bone Amulet of Ptah with Isis 575Neolithic Flints Lot (16)
162Sinu Spotted Gold Jaguar Pendant 369Egyptian Bone Figure with Enormous Phallus Amulet576London Mesolithic Flint Lot (19)
163Veraguas Large Gold Monkey Pendant370Ptah Head, Full Figural Amulet & Tauret (3)577Early Babylonian Hematite Macehead
164Crawfish Shaman Gold Figural Pendant371Egyptian Faience & Stone Fragments (2)578Neolithic Astarte Fragment
165Uraba Gold Lobsterman Pendant372Roman-Egypt Pottery Baboon579Luristan Torque & Anatolian Marble Fragment (2)
166Quimbaya Figural Gold Pendant373Roman Egypt Reclining Horus & Head (2)580Minoan Terracotta Head
167Tairona Carnelian Mortar & Moche Bone Scoop (2)374Egyptian Stone Mask Inlay Eyes (2)581Aegean Pottery Head
168Costa Rican Fancy Jade Bar Bead375Egyptian Lapis Zad Column Amulet582Roman-Israel Bone Applicator
169Costa Rican Urn with Bird 376Egyptian Frog Amulets (2)583Roman/Islamic Carnelian Beaded Necklace
170Costa Rican Vessel with Reptile Head377Egyptian Small Stone Items (3)584Roman Amber Whorls & Pendants (8)
171Costa Rican Gold & Jade Necklace378Egyptian Diorite Eye of Horus Amulet585Seven Intaglios & One Cameo (8)
172Calima Seated Hollow Figure with Incised Design379Roman-Egyptian Citrine Glass Plugs (5)586Roman-Egypt Earrings (2)
173Chimila Lidded Burial Urn 380Nishapur Baluster Shape Vase587Roman-Egypt Standing Female Figure
174Quimbaya Retablo Figure 381Nishapur Baluster Shaped Vessel588Glass Heart Bottle, Alabastron Amulet & Scarab (3)
175Recuay Man in Hut Vessel382Coptic Textile Fragment589South Indian Wooden Temple Panel
176Viru-Salinar Man in Hut Vessel383Framed Trays of Egyptian Type Tazzi Seals (104 total)590South Indian Wooden Temple Panel
177Tairona Gold Ornaments & Sinu Pendant (4)384Tang Dynasty Pair of Pottery Guardian Figures591South Indian Wooden Temple Panel
178Nazca Effigy Vessel with Curled Tail385Tang Dynasty Bull & Cart592Indian Carved Wood Panel with Relief Head
179Nazca Floating Fisherman with Nets Vessel 386Tang Dynasty Court Lady593South Indian Wood Temple Panel
180Nazca Polychrome Double Spouted Vessel387Tang Dynasty Court Lady594Ban Chieng Pottery Bowl
181Recuay Pottery Reyna Vessel with Pouring Spout388Tang Dynasty Male Court Figure595Thai Lidded Rice Bowls (3)
182Moche I Blackware Seated Figure389Song Celedon Glazed Lidded Bowl596Thai Lidded Rice Bowls (2)
183Moche Shaman Holding Shell390Song Celedon Glazed Bowl597Indonesian Folk Art Figures (2)
184Chavin Owl Vessel 391Chien Lung Decorated Plate - Ching598New Guinea Pottery and Wood Heads (2)
185Chavin Water Carrier Vessel392Japanese Blue & White Plate599Indonesian Zoomorphic Puppet Head
186Huari Painted Vase with Face & Monkeys393Chinese Pottery Roof Guardian Figures (2)600Sumatra Medicine Horn
187Moche Ai-Apec & Captive Vessel394Chinese Foo Dog601Basketry Rattle
188Moche IV Phytomorphic Vessel395Chinese Parrot Figural Incense Burners (2)602Ancient & Antique Jewelry Items (5)
189Moche Spotted Jaguar Vessel396Chinese Stone Tomb Figure603Mask with Horns
190Moche Blackware Jaguar/Frog Vessel397Ming Bronze Seated Elder with Beard 604Bambara Spear
191Huari Jaguar Vessel398Tang Dynasty Seated Dog605African Metal Objects (10)
192Moche II Jaguar on Bird Vessel399Chinese Decorated Porcelain Tray606African Brass Weights (5)
193Moche IV Coiled Snake and Jaguar Vessel400Chinese Muttonfat Jade Court Lady Holding Bowl607Akuaba Doll
194Huari Jaguar Vessel401Large Chinese Wood Guardian Figure608Pair of Yoruba Ibejis
195Moche IV Duck Vessel402Chinese Chimera Vase & Blanc De Chine Bowl (2)609Senufo Bird Bowl and Akan Brass Bowl (2)
196Moche IV Bird Vessel403Japanese Pair Champleve Vases & Bowl (3)610Mossi Bird Helmet
197Moche IV Duck Vessel404Chinese Carved Burl, Toggle & Coral Cigarette Holder (3)611Two Pairs of Cuffs & Kru Bracelet (5)
198Moche Head Portrait Vessel405Gandharan Schist Male & Female Grouping612Wooden Bellows
199Moche Surrealistic Head Vessel406Khmer Sandstone Buddha Head613Duala Staff
200Moche Vessel with Battle Scene407Large Indian Wooden Dancing Musician Figure614Wood & Animal Fur Oliphant
201Moche Sacrificial Mountain Vessel with Figures408Khmer Sandstone Head of a Deity615Pre Columbian Books (15)
202Moche IV Fox Clan Vessel 409Khmer Sandstone Head of a Deity616Books Misc. (13)
203Moche Figural Jar410Khmer Sandstone Avalokitesvara Bust 617Asian and Southeast Asian Books (11)
204Moche Cargedor Vessel 411Large Khmer Sandstone Torso of Uma618Books on Southeast Asian Art (12)
205Nazca Polychrome Decorated Swirl Bowl412Khmer Sandstone Deity Body619Ancient Art Books (16)
206Moche Multi Deity Face Vessel413Khmer Head Partial Deity Figure 620Books on Pre-Columbian Art (15)
207Moche Pair of Feet Vessels (2)414Khmer Sandstone Standing Figure621Megalodon Teeth (5)