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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical and Asian Antiquities #88 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
010Tlatilco Type K Pretty Lady261Baule Wooden Ointment Pot436Gold Intaglio Ring
023Chupicuaro Seated Pretty Ladies (3)262Attie Wood Pounder445Silver Intaglio Ring with Gold Bezel
048Colima Redware Gadrooned Parrot Bowl 267Baule Figure449Parthian Gold Earrings
050Colima Redware Decorated Olla 289Lobi Standing Female Figure452Egyptian New Kingdom Silver Finger Rings
085Monumental Nayarit Matching Pair291Mossi Plank Mask453Middle Kingdom Faience Beaded Necklace
086Large Jalisco Seated Male & Female Figures292Bamana Puppet454New Kingdom to Roman Beaded Necklace
087Ameca Male & Female Seated Couple293Tikar Carved Drinking Horn459Roman Stone Head of a Youth
090Jalisco Crouching Figure 309Ogoni Mask with Horns & Bird463Roman Bronze Plumbob
101Chinesco Miniature Mothers with Children (2)312Izzi Elephant Mask466Hellenistic Bronze Horse Bit
103Chinesco Large Standing Figure316Gelede Mask with Three Figures 469Bronze Four Candle Candelabra
124Monte Alban & Veracruz Figures (2) 320Bembe Male “Biteki” Figure477Sassanian Cut Glass “Coin Spot” Bowl
126Huastec Zoomorphic Vessel323Pende Mask489Middle Kingdom Basalt Jar on Integral Base
130Maya Chama Type Cylinder Vase 328Ngulu Ceremonial Sword493New Kingdom Blue Faience Jar
131Maya Polychrome Tripod Bowl349Kilia Marble Head510Roman-Egypt Stucco Mummy Mask
135Maya Polychrome Decorated Bowl 358Luristan Bronze Astarte Figure511Later Imperial Roman Marble Head of Eros
140Maya Orangeware Vase366Mesopotamian Shell, Stone & Paste Glass Amulets (4)515Egyptian Steatite Frog Seal
151Maya Polished Obsidian Cinnabar Pot367Jemdet-Nasr Vulture Amulet526Faience Face & Cow (2)
162Cocle Decorated Olla371Decorated Bronze Bowl528Egyptian Bronzes Figures (2)
175Narino Decorated Iguana Bowl 382Parthian Pottery Bullae (4)530Stegodon Fossil Teeth with Tusks
187Viru Warrior with Shield383Parthian Small Clay Bullae (5)539Nayarit Seated Couple on Platform
188Chavin Gold over Copper Jaguar Discs (5) 385Siaulk Beaked Vessel540Colima Drummers (2)
194Nazca Globular Vessel395Sassanian Carnelian Stamp Seal 541Colima Seated Figures (2)
196Inca Agave Blackware Bottle396Sassanian Partial Stamp Seals (2)548Colima Stone Pendant Earrings & Spindle Earrings (2)
203Chancay Anthropomorphic China400Sassanian Carnelian Ring with Seal Impression552Colima Kissing Couple in Bed
212Huari Textile Panel406Sassanian Unusual Agate Stamp Seal 554Archaic Colima Warrior & Seated Figure Whistle (2)
214Khmer Stone Bust of Maitreya409Sassanian Carnelian Portrait Stamp Seals (2)556Nayarit Standing Female
218Large Blanc-de-Chine Figure411Sassanian/Parthian Steatite Stamp Seal557Monte Alban Pottery Jug
219Blanc-de-Chine Kwan Yin414Sassanian Small Stamp Seals (4)577Barrancas Figural Bottle with Figural Spout
220Blanc-de-Chine Figures (2)415Sassanian Agate Elliptical Shaped Seal587Blanc-de-Chine Buddha and Wood Figure (2)
250Royal Spittoon Refuse Bowl432Sassanian Stone Seals (4)608Hair Pick with Bird & Fish