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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical and Asian Antiquities #88 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
001Olmec Pottery Head206Tiahuanaco Jug with Geometric Designs411Sassanian/Parthian Steatite Stamp Seal
002Olmec Hardstone Jugito207Chancay Lidded Weaving Basket with Contents 412Sassanian Amethyst Cabochon Seal
003Olmecoid Female Figure with Top Knot Hair Style208Marajoara Tanga 413Sassanian Shell Intaglio Portrait Seal
004Olmec Blue Jade Celt209Marajo Decorated Tanga414Sassanian Small Stamp Seals (4)
005Olmec Blue Jade Celt210Huari Pile Textile Panels (3)415Sassanian Agate Elliptical Shaped Seal
006Tlatilco Pretty Lady Standing Figure211Huari Textile Tassel416Jemdet-Nasr Large Stone Seal
007Olmecoid/Mezcala Speckled Green Stone Figure212Huari Textile Panel417Sassanian Lapis Lazuli 3-Sided Stamp Seal
008Tlatilco Double Face Female Figure213Chancay Late Horizon Poncho418Sassanian Hematite Dome Shaped Stamp Seal
009Olmec Small Pottery Figure214Khmer Stone Bust of Maitreya419Achaemenid Steatite Seal of Two Goats & Tree
010Tlatilco Type K Pretty Lady215Gandharan Stucco Head420Ancient Beads & Seals (3)
011Chupicuaro Standing Female Figures (2)216Ming Seated Buddha421Sumerian Shell Amulets (3)
012Chupicuaro Polychrome Oval Vessel217Ming Bronze Seated Figure422Roman Amber Medusa Cameo
013Chupicuaro Small Blackface Figure218Large Blanc-de-Chine Figure423Roman Bearded Face Cameo
014Chupicuaro Large Seated Female219Blanc-de-Chine Kwan Yin424Roman Carnelian Intaglios (2)
015Chupicuaro Seated Figures (6)220Blanc-de-Chine Figures (2)425Roman Agate Figural Intaglios (2)
016Chupicuaro Male & Female Matching Figures (2)221Haniwa Terracotta Hen426Roman Carnelian Lion Intaglio Silver Ring
017Chupicuaro Canopy Beds with Figures (2)222Haniwa Terracotta Head427Sassanian Intaglio Ring
018Michoacan Large Pretty Lady Figure223Han Dynasty Small Vessel428Roman Facial Cameo with Partial Bezel
019ichoacan Large Standing Pretty Lady224Large Chinese Stone Head429Roman Large Agate Intaglios (2)
020Michoacan Redware Pretty Lady225Gandharan Schist Frieze Fragment430Roman Intaglios & Sassanian Seals (6)
021Michoacan Seated Female Figures (2)226Indian and Tibetan Plaques (2)431Sumerian Stone Animal Form Amulets (3)
022Olmecoid Stone Feline Head227Burmese Wood Buddhas (2)432Sassanian Stone Seals (4)
023Chupicuaro Seated Pretty Ladies (3)228Japanese Bronze Demon Figure & Filling Vessel (2)433Sassanian Silver & Gold Ring with Carnelian Figural Intaglio
024Michoacan Flared Bowl with Stucco Decorations229Burmese Reclining Buddha 434Roman Gold Ring with Jasper Intaglio
025Michoacan Skirted Pretty Lady230Tibetan Seated Buddha435Sassanian Gold Ring with Large Lapis Intaglio
026Michoacan Blackware Pipe231Indian Bronze Figure & Burmese Buddha (2)436Gold Intaglio Ring
027Michoacan Pipe with Dog Decoration232Tibet Tsong Kapa Buddha437Gold Ring with Sassanian Camel Intaglio
028Michoacan Brownware Bowl with Incised Decoration233Burmese Marble Buddha438Sassanian Gold Ring with Carved Intaglio
029Mezcala Large Earspools (4)234Burmese Marble Buddha439Islamic Gold Finger Ring with Crystal Cabochon
030Mezcala Anthropomorphic Axe God235Ban Chieng Pedestal Bowl440Sassanian Gold Ring with Lapis Boar Intaglio
031Mezcala Seated “Star Gazer”236Korean Bowl441Sassanian Bronze Ring with Carnelian Pegasus Intaglio
032Mezcala Stone Figure237Korean Celadon Bowl442Sassanian Gold Ring with Large Oval Intaglio
033Mezcala Stone Standing Figure238Korean Celadon Bowl443Roman Intaglio in Gold Ring
034Mezcala Blue-Gray Stone Figure239Large Wood Balinese Guardian Garuda444Sassanian Bronze Ring with Lapis Animal Intaglio
035Mezcala Small Female Figure 240Large Balinese Garuda Figure445Silver Intaglio Ring with Gold Bezel
036Mezcala Gray-Brown Stone Idol241Bark Cloth Tapa Painting with Sea Creatures446Sassanian Gold Ring with Small Carnelian Intaglio
037Mezcala Stone Figure242Navajo-Two Grey Hills Blanket447Roman Large Gold Earrings
038Mezcala Stone Mask, Olmec Face Pendant & Seated Figure (3)243Navajo Blanket with Rolling Log448Roman Pair of Gold Earrings
039Mezcala Stone Seated Figure244New Guinea Basket Hook Figure 449Parthian Gold Earrings
040Mezcala Stone Figures & Mask Pendant (5)245Sepik River Trophy Head450Roman Pair of Gold Earrings
041Colima Whistling Warrior with Protective Helmet246Ifugao Spoon451Sassanian Silver & Gold Ring with Agate Cabochon Stone
042Colima Large Pottery Shaman247Mississippian Horizon Caddo Vessel452Egyptian New Kingdom Silver Finger Rings
043Colima Warrior with Sling248Mississippian Horizon Caddo Olla453Middle Kingdom Faience Beaded Necklace
044Colima Shaman with Sling & Scorpion Headdress249Eskimo Scrimmed Bone454New Kingdom to Roman Beaded Necklace
045Colima Large Flat Figure with Incised Hairdo250Royal Spittoon Refuse Bowl455Amarna Period Faience Disc Beaded Necklace
046Colima Brownware Cylinder Vase251Rare Hawiian Finger Washbasin456Egyptian Mummy Bead Necklaces (2)
047Colima Redware Double Fish Olla252Solomon Island Clubs (2)457Roman/Egyptian Gold Bees (15)
048Colima Redware Gadrooned Parrot Bowl 253Large Washkuk Wooden Yam Mask458Roman Marble Head of Athena
049Colima Parrot Vessel254We Miniature Amulet Mask459Roman Stone Head of a Youth
050Colima Redware Decorated Olla 255Mende Miniature Helmet Masks Divination (2)460Apulian Red-Figure Painted Fish Plate
051Colima Redware Olla with Decorative Nodes256Unusual Stone & Terracota Maskettes (2)461Roman Alabaster Head of a Youth
052Colima Large Mahogany Obsidian Fox Blade257Bassa Passport Masks (2)462Mycenean Phi Idol
053Colima Fox Shaped Obsidian Cache Blade258Leather Covered Dan Amulet Mask463Roman Bronze Plumbob
054Colima Mahogany Obsidian Blade with Handle259Four Dan Passport Masks and One Divination Figure (5)464Roman Bone Figure of Aphrodite
055Colima Obsidian Hooked Spear Blade 260Toma Horned Mask with Bared Teeth465Corinthian Warrior Aryballos
056Colima Mahogany Obsidian Blade261Baule Wooden Ointment Pot466Hellenistic Bronze Horse Bit
057Colima Obsidian Spear Point262Attie Wood Pounder467Hellenistic Heads & Figure (3)
058Colima Ceremonial Stone Axe263Dan Mask 468Roman Large Bronze Oil Lamp
059Colima Obsidian Blade264Baule Standing Female469Bronze Four Candle Candelabra
060Colima Mother & Child Groupings (2)265Baule Mask with Horns470Roman Bronze Torch Bowl
061Colima Man with Shark Helmet266Fanti Figure with Black Slip471Roman Terra Sigilata Portrait Vessel
062Coahuayana Large Standing Figure Holding Plate 267Baule Figure472Roman-Syrian Lead Sarcophagus Panel
063Colima Large Redware Seated Drinker268Bassa Mask473Sassanian/Islamic Cut Glass Teal Bottle
064Ameca Seated Male with Weapon269Wood Mortar474Large Sassanian/Islamic Cut Glass
065Colima Tlaloc Figural Incensario270Bassa Ceremonial Mask475Roman Tall Glass Amphoriskos
066Colima Large Elaborately Decorated Standing Figure 271Toma Mask476Byzantine Blue Cut Glass Cup
067Colima Redware Seated Shaman272Nomoli Figure 477Sassanian Cut Glass “Coin Spot” Bowl
068Colima Redware Figure with Exaggerated Phallus273Kissi Stone “Pomdo” Figure 478Roman Glass Small Bowl
069Colima Head Vessel274Kissi Stone “Pomdo” Figure 479Roman Green Glass Bowl
070Colima Roller Seals (4)275Stone Loma Figure & Animal (2)480Roman Glass Bowl & Plate (2)
071Colima Redware Dog276Dan Wooden Chair481Roman Glass Vessel & Bottles (3)
072Colima Redware Grinning Dog 277Dan Wooden Chair with Incised Designs482Egyptian Paste Glass Items (4)
073Colima Redware Grinning Dog278Dan Wooden Chest483Egyptian or Bactrian Marble Bowl
074Colima Small Redware Dog with Bared Teeth279Sowei/Golla Helmet484Egyptian Large Pre-Dynastic Alabaster Bowl
075Colima Redware Dog with Black Highlights280Benin Figural Grouping with Reckitts Blue Additions 485Egyptian Pre-Dynastic Decorated Jar
076Colima Short Redware Dog281Tall Mende Helmet Mask486Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Vessel
077Colima Medium Dog with Bared Teeth282Mende Helmet Mask487Pre-Dynastic Ferrous Limestone Small Bowl
078Colima Medium Redware Dog283Large Gongoli Mask488Amethyst Bast Amulet
079Colima Redware Dog284Kissi Divination Figure with Wrapped Cloth & Shells 489Middle Kingdom Basalt Jar on Integral Base
080Colima Redware Curled Dog285Bamana Female Figure 490Middle Kingdom Faience Vessel Fragment
081Colima Seated Dog286Dogon Granary Door491Egyptian Lapis Miniature Stone Vessel
082Colima Small Redware Dog287Dogon Two Panel Wood Shutter492Egyptian Red Paste Glass Cow
083Colima Bare Breasted Lady288Clay Amulet Head493New Kingdom Blue Faience Jar
084Pihuamo Large Redware Seated Figure with Bowl289Lobi Standing Female Figure494Egyptian Hyksos Period Terracotta Female Figure
085Monumental Nayarit Matching Pair290Bamana Multi-Horn Antelope Chiwara495Egyptian Steatite Sekh-met
086Large Jalisco Seated Male & Female Figures291Mossi Plank Mask496Greco-Egyptian Alabastron
087Ameca Male & Female Seated Couple292Bamana Puppet497Egyptian Indurated Limestone Flying Scarab
088Jalisco Large Standing Pair293Tikar Carved Drinking Horn498Faience Toth Amulet
089Jalisco Ball Player294Namji Figure499Egyptian Lapis Ibis with Maat Feather Amulet
090Jalisco Crouching Figure 295Kota Bird Head Knife “Musele”500Egyptian Bes Amulet
091Jalisco Standing Figure 296Bekom Mask501Egyptian Bronze Osiris
092San Sebastian Sheep Faced Mother & Child 297Bekom Mask502Egyptian Mummy Mask
093Jalisco Bulbous Grayware Figure Playing Flute298Fanti Figure503Large Seated Bronze Osiris
094Jalisco Curled Dog299Fanti Figure with Bowl504Large Egyptian Wood Mummy Mask
095Jalisco Double Dogs with Bowl on Back300Ibeji Female Figures (2)505Egyptian Sandstone Relief with Portrait of Queen
096Jalisco Miniature Platform Family Group301Ibeji Figures with Beaded Jewelry (3)506Egyptian Limestone Fragment of Sobek
097Jalisco Seated Male with Large Bowl 302Ibeji Couple with Cowry Shell Bracelets507Large Wooden Sarcophagus Front
098Jalisco Necklace with Miniature Figures303“Idiok Ekpo” Mask508Egyptian Limestone Head
099Chinesco Miniature Seated Figures (2)304Igbo Helmet Mask 509Egyptian Granite Offering Table
100Chinesco Crouching Toad305Igala Wooden Mask510Roman-Egypt Stucco Mummy Mask
101Chinesco Miniature Mothers with Children (2)306Igbo Mask511Later Imperial Roman Marble Head of Eros
102Nayarit Seated Figure with Olla 307Ibo “Agbara” Figure 512Roman-Egyptian Limestone Head of Silenus
103Chinesco Large Standing Figure308Dakakari Standing Female Figure513Egyptian Steatite Figure of Bastet with Gold Earring
104Chinesco Seated Female Figure309Ogoni Mask with Horns & Bird514Egyptian Bronze & Stone Ibis
105Matched Pair of Ixtlan del Rio Figures310Igbo Animal Mask515Egyptian Steatite Frog Seal
106Nayarit Orangeware Seated Male & Female Figures 311Pair of Idoma Crest Heads516Egyptian Paste Glass Inlay Face
107Ixtlan del Rio Seated Pair (2)312Izzi Elephant Mask517Egyptian Wood Sek-Met
108Nayarit Seated Female Figure313Terracotta Bovine518Egyptian Wood Sarcophagus Panel with Anubis
109Nayarit Large Sitting Figure 314Gelede Mask with Snakes and Pig519Egyptian Tauret Amulet
110Nayarit Seated Hunchback Figure with Spread Legs315Medicine Iron Osanyin Staff520Egyptian Large Steatite Scarab
111Nayarit Emaciated Seated Figure 316Gelede Mask with Three Figures 521Egyptian Blue Glazed Scarabs (2)
112Nayarit Standing Female317Chokwe Mwana Pwo Mask522Egyptian Scarab & Uzat Earrings (2)
113Aztec Stone Serpent 318Kuba Pwoom Itok Mask523Coptic Limestone Stele
114Huastec Female Figure319Lega Mask524Egyptian Steatite Cylinder Seal with Anubis
115Veracruz Figure Fragment320Bembe Male “Biteki” Figure525Egyptian Nefer Amulet & Phoenician Egyptianizing Head (2)
116Veracruz Standing Deity Figure321Lega Mask526Faience Face & Cow (2)
117Veracruz Basalt Head Hacha322Mbole Abstract Figure527Khnum & Hapi Faience Amulet
118Teotihuacan or Aztec Huehueteotl Fire God Censor 323Pende Mask528Egyptian Bronzes Figures (2)
119Veracruz Standing Figure Holding Staff324Three-Faced Pende Mask529European Fancy Boxwood Comb
120Veracruz Standing Sonriente Figure325Suku Power Figure530Stegodon Fossil Teeth with Tusks
121Veracruz Dancer with Helmet326Hemba Ancestral Figure 531Albrecht Durer “Man of Sorrows by the Column”
122Teotihuacan Mother & Child and Seated Male Figure (2)327Congo Mask with Horn532Spanish Vellum Bible Page
123Veracruz Sonriente Heads (2)328Ngulu Ceremonial Sword533Michoacan Couple on Bench
124Monte Alban & Veracruz Figures (2) 329Zulu Cane534Seated Male & Bedded Figure with Attendant (2)
125El Faisan Large Vessel with Figural Legs330Pende “Mbuya” Mask with Long Beard535Michoacan Pregnant Pretty Lady
126Huastec Zoomorphic Vessel331Danish Neolithic Adze Blades (3)536Chupicuaro Canopied Bed with Figure
127Huastec Armadillo Vessel332Danish Neolithic Stone Tools (3)537Michoacan & Chupicuaro Bowls (4)
128Maya Cylinder Vase with Skeleton Motif333Danish Neolithic Chisel & Knives (3)538Mezcala Greenstone Figure, Flat Figure & Tlatilco Head (3)
129Maya Polychrome Decorated Bowl334Danish Neolithic Boat Stone Axe Blades (2)539Nayarit Seated Couple on Platform
130Maya Chama Type Cylinder Vase 335Neolithic Zoomorphic Figures & Idols (5)540Colima Drummers (2)
131Maya Polychrome Tripod Bowl336Vinca Head & Bust (2)541Colima Seated Figures (2)
132Maya Large Plate with Standing Figure337Neolithic Fertility Goddess Fragment542Jalisco Puppies (2)
133Maya Tetrapod Vessel338Neolithic Fertility Figure Fragments (3)543Jalisco & Colima Drummers (4)
134Maya Orangeware Tripod Bowl with Glyph Band 339Thessalian Venus Figure544Colima Figural Whistles (3)
135Maya Polychrome Decorated Bowl 340Kilia Marble Fragments (3)545Colima Autlan Cargedor Figure
136Maya Medium Sized Bowl 341Kilia Marble Heads (3)546Jalisco Miniature Figures (3)
137Maya Cylinder Vase with Images of Elites342Neolithic Figure & Two Heads (3)547Chupicuaro & Colima Miniatures (6)
138Copador Cylinder Vase with Dignitaries & Glyphs343Kilia “Star Gazer” Marble Female Idol548Colima Stone Pendant Earrings & Spindle Earrings (2)
139Maya Large Cylinder Vase with Processional Figures344Kilia “Star Gazer” Marble Female Idol549Colima Bedded Figure & Ecuadorian Head (2)
140Maya Orangeware Vase345Kilia Marble Head & Torso550Colima & Jalisco Figures (3)
141Maya Portrait Head Poison Vessel346Kilia Head 551Pre-Columbian Animal Lot (4)
142Maya Eccentric Flint347Kilia Head with Carved Nose552Colima Kissing Couple in Bed
143Maya Stone Head Hacha348Vinca Large Head553Colima Small Redware Dog
144Maya Skeletal Vessel349Kilia Marble Head554Archaic Colima Warrior & Seated Figure Whistle (2)
145Maya Plumbate Deity Vessel350Miniature Thessalian & Tel Brak Headless Figures (2)555Jalisco Seated Drinking Figure & Figure with Puppy
146Maya Orangeware Vessel with Glyph Panels351Neolithic Figures & Fragments (6)556Nayarit Standing Female
147Costa Rican Animal Mace Heads (2)352Vinca Pottery Votive Objects (4)557Monte Alban Pottery Jug
148Maya Jade Face Pendant353Cuneiform Votive Cone, Account Tablet and Clay Tablet (3)558Colima Noded Pottery Vase
149Maya Carved Shell Pendants (2)354Cuneiform Tablet559Colima Warrior-Dancer Whistling Figure
150Costa Rican Mace Head355Cuneiform Ration Tablet560Pihuamo Urinating Male Figure
151Maya Polished Obsidian Cinnabar Pot356Old Babylonian Cuneiform Tablet561Veracruz Heads (2)
152Maya Speckled Granite Zoomorphic Hacha357Cuneiform Tablets (2)562Nayarit & Jalisco Dogs (3)
153Maya Ball Court Marker with Skull Trophy 358Luristan Bronze Astarte Figure563Teotihuacan Figure
154Cocle Decorated Plate359Bactrian Chlorite Game Board 564Nayarit & Jalisco Figures (4)
155Cocle Decorated Bowl360Achaemenid Silver Strap Union565Colima Mother with Child
156Cocle Decorated Plate361Luristan Horse Bit 566Veracruz Geometric Stamp Seals (4)
157Cocle Decorated Plate362Syro-Hittite Stone Guardian Lion567Colima/ El Chanal Seated Figure on Conical Base
158Cocle Decorated Plate363Sumerian Shell Depicting the Bird God Imdugud568Mixtec Spool with Gold, Obsidian Labret, Copper Nosering & Ceramic Spool (4)
159Cocle Decorated Olla364Mesopotamian Stone Bulls Heads (2)569Colima Standing Figures (3)
160Cocle Large Decorated Amphora365Sumerian-Uruk Bull Head Amulet570Aztec-Mixtec Handled Censer
161Cocle Decorated Amphora366Mesopotamian Shell, Stone & Paste Glass Amulets (4)571Maya Small Figural Vessel
162Cocle Decorated Olla367Jemdet-Nasr Vulture Amulet572Copador Molded Figures (2)
163Cocle Decorated Olla368Assyrian Bronze Figural Amulet & Cylinder Seal (2)573Maya Pottery Animals (2)
164Cocle Decorated Olla369Sumerian Lapis Lion (Jemdet-Nasr)574Costa Rican Seated Stone Figure
165Cocle Decorated Olla370Luristan Double Bird Bronze Pendant575Costa Rican Decorated Bowls (3)
166La Tolita-Tumaco Large Partial Gold Bowl 371Decorated Bronze Bowl576Costa Rican Seated Figures (2)
167Narino Gold Ear Ornaments with Monkeys372Bronze Janeiform Amulet of Pazuzu or Humbaba577Barrancas Figural Bottle with Figural Spout
168Veraguas Gold Eagle Pendant373Amlash Bronze Figural Couple Amulet 578Ecuadorian Pottery Heads (4)
169Tairona Gold Frog374Amlash Bronze Figural Couple Amulet with Intertwined Arms579Bahian Large Molded Pottery Figure
170Sican/Chimu Gold Face Pendants (2)375Parthian Large Clay Bullae with Mounted Riders (2)580Ecuadorian Resist Painted Bowls (3)
171Chavin Matching Pair Gold Ear Ornaments376Sassanian Pottery Bullae (3)581Nazca Decorated Pottery Plate
172Sinu Pair of Gold Ear Ornaments377Large Pottery Bulla with Multiple Seal Impressions582Nazca Decorated Fish Bowl
173Costa Rican Gold Horned Figure378Sassanian Pottery Bullae with Seal Impressions (2)583Inca Cat and Figural Vessels (2)
174Quimbaya Figure with Gold Nosering379Sassannian Pottery Bullae with Multiple Impressions (3)584Chimu Spondylus Shells (2)
175Narino Decorated Iguana Bowl 380Parthian Pottery Bullae (5)585Cajamarca Decorated Bowls (2)
176Moche Seated Inlaid Figure 381Syro-Hittite Astarte Figures (2)586Pre-Columbian Heads & Figures (5)
177Vicus Double Lobe Figural Vessel 382Parthian Pottery Bullae (4)587Blanc-de-Chine Buddha and Wood Figure (2)
178Tairona Gold Labret with Obsidian Backing383Parthian Small Clay Bullae (5)588Tibetan Copper Teapot
179Moche Deity with Jaguar Headdress Tumi384Bactrian Stone Head589Australian Wooden Boomerang
180Moche Warrior with Danglers Tumi385Siaulk Beaked Vessel590Balinese Dance Festival Masks (3)
181Moche/Chimu Gold Sun Face Danglers (2) 386Large Parthian Chalcedony Seal591Collection of 32 Combs
182Moche/Chimu Waterbird Decorated Gold Disc387Sassanian Chalcedony Stamp Seal with Figures in Combat592Fanti Figure & Ada Couple (3)
183Moche Gold Depilitory Tweezers (3)388Sassanian Steatite Double Sided Seal593Necklaces with Copper & Glass Trade Beads (2)
184Chavin Temple Model Vessel389Sassanian Tan Agate Stamp Seal with Wolf & Puppies Impression594Necklaces and Brass Ornaments (13)
185Chimu/Inca Silver Pins (4)390Agate Intaglio with Bearded Man in Bronze Stamp Seal595Wood Vessels (2)
186Moche Warrior & Stirrup Vessel Tumi391Sassanian Very Large Tan Agate Stamp Seal with Figures596Low Wooden Stools (3)
187Viru of Warrior with Shield392Carnelian Figural Intaglios (2)597Small Wooden Stools (3)
188Chavin Gold over Copper Jaguar Discs (5) 393Roman Carnelian Figural Intaglios (2)598Fon Phallus
189Chavin Large Lapis Fish Pendants (4)394Sassanian Glass Stamp Seal with Floral Impression599Abstract Dolls (4)
190Moche Copper Tumi with Figures & Parrot395Sassanian Carnelian Stamp Seal 600Large Bamana Bowl
191Moche Copper Tumi with Spotted Jaguar396Sassanian Partial Stamp Seals (2)601Kirdi Brass Knife with Scabbard
192Chimu Beaded Necklace with Silver Birds397Sassanian Dome Shaped Agate Seals (2)602Storage Vessel
193Moche Skeleton Playing Drum Vessel 398Agate Intaglio of Soldiers Helmet & Sword603Decorative Benin Metal Figure
194Nazca Globular Vessel399Sassanian Dome Stamp Seal with Ibex604Verre/Were Shoulder Adze
195Nazca Miniature Figural Vessel400Sassanian Carnelian Ring with Seal Impression605Yoruba or Ewe Female
196Inca Agave Blackware Bottle401Sassanian Carnelian Intaglio Hair Ring 606Luba Comb and Zaramo Doll (2)
197Moche Man with Cat Vessel402Roman Carnelian Intaglios (2)607Uganda Milk Container
198Nazca Small Figural Vessel403Roman Intaglio & Three Sassanian Seals (4)608Hair Pick with Bird & Fish
199Nazca Fantastic Being & Trophy Head Olla404Sassanian Hematite Conical Stamp Seal609Islamic Bronze Kohl Vessels (3)
200Nazca Lentoid Vessel405Sassanian Banded Agate Stamp Seal with Camel Impression610Islamic Pottery Bowls (2)
201Chancay Matched Pair of Medium Cuchimilco Figures406Sassanian Unusual Agate Stamp Seal 611Pre-Columbian Art Book by Alan Lapiner
202Chancay Plump Female Cuchimilco407Sassanian Green Jasper Stamp Seal with Opposing Lions612Miscellaneous Books (7)
203Chancay Anthropomorphic China408Roman Jasper Intaglio & Bloodstone Intaglio (2)613Pre-Columbian Art Books (13)
204Chancay Large Standing Cuchimilco Figure409Sassanian Carnelian Portrait Stamp Seals (2)
205Inca Stone Canopa410Sassanian Small Bronze & Silver Stamp Seals (3)