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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art and Classical Antiquities 90 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
010Chupicuaro Shaman Rattle299Moche Vessel with Bird Man548Kongo Power Figure
018Chupicuaro Bowl with Crosshatch Designs302Chavin Idol of Cacique550Lega Janus Headed Crest
040Michoacan Pretty Lady with Concentric Ear Spools304Moche Laughing Portrait Face551Kuba Mask
058El Chanal Figural Incensario305Moche Vessel with Musician Holding Conch Shell561Red Baule Colonial Figure
059El Chanal Incensario with Warrior313Nazca Pair of Polychrome Decorated Head Beakers (2)571Baule Large Male Figure
060El Chanal Large Seated Figure 322Huari Vase with Dancing Figures573Baule Passport Mask
064Colima Warrior with Peaked Helmet323Huari Bowl with Eagle Decoration578Dan Horned Mask
069Colima Emaciated Male Shaman Figure324Huari Bone Figural Psychedelic Scoop593Ogoni Small Mask
088Colima Redware Seated Figure with Conch Shell325Chancay Seated Female Figure595Ibeji Pair
093Colima Redware Shamans Head Vessel 327Chancay Mother & Baby Vessel612Kaguru Mask
094Colima Head Vessel329Chancay Musical Stirrup Vessel with Musician620Pre-Classic Michoacan Standing Female Figure
101Colima Seated Redware Shaman with Jesters Collar332Sican Seated Prisoner with Conical Hat Vessel621Chupicuaro Pottery Bottle
107Early Chinesco Large Seated Female 340Chimu Gold Repousse Face Plaques (3)622Decorated Pottery Bowls (4)
111Jalisco Cream Slip Figures (2)347Sican-Lambayeque Vessel with Lobster & Crabs 623Chupicuaro Pair of “Candlestick” Vases
115San Sebastian Large Female Figure 367Sumerian Boat Shaped Alabaster Vessel624Chupicuaro Teapot and Basket-Handled Vessels (2)
123Ixtlan del Rio Female Figure Holding Bowl369Judahite Pottery Pillar Figure625Chupicuaro Decorated Bowl
129Nayarit Seated Male Figure with Exposed Spine370Sumerian Alabaster Conical Vessel626Michoacan Bowl with Incised Bird Decoration
130Nayarit Small Seated Figure 371Sumerian Marble Conical Bowl628Colima Obsidian Points (3)
132Large Nayarit Standing Warrior372Sumerian Alabaster Bowl 631Chinesco Standing Female Figure
140Zacatacas Seated Male Figure with Drum373Cananite Lidded Jar634Jalisco Curled Dog with Human Head
144Veracruz Sonriente Figures (2)374Alabaster Jar with Wide Rim636Colima Tripod Olla & Blackware Miniature Olla (2)
165Huastec Seated Female Figure379Decorated Luristan Axe 639Mixtec & Nayarit Decorated Bowls (2)
171Huastec Zoomorphic Urn382Ancient Bronze Spear Head649Colima Shell Pendant Ornaments (5)
172Huastec Ball Player Wearing Yoke 386Sassanian Stone Seals (4)651Jalisco Seated Musician
176Michoacan Redware Teapot387Sassanian Domed Agate Seals (4)653Archaic Colima Pottery Large Owl
177Michoacan Stucco Painted Bowls (2)388Parthian Medium Clay Bullae (5)655Michoacan Figural Bowl
181Aztec/Mixtec Miniature Vessel & Pedestal Dishes (3)392Kilia Miniature Marble Heads (2)657Huastec Zoomorphic Vessels (2)
186Izapan Choc Rain God Black Stone Figure393Cypriot Decorated Handled Pitcher659Aztec Large Pottery Face Fragment
193Maya Hunchback Kneeling Male Figure394Cypriot Decorated Target Jug663Mixtec Green Stone Pendants (2)
201Maya Carved Vase400Roman Silver Spoon664Maya Incised Cylinder & Mexican Ollas (3)
210Maya Large Jade Face Pendant418Late Roman Bronze Bull665Maya Seated Female Figures (2)
213Maya Polychrome Plate with Jaguar Deity427Egyptian Banded Alabaster Vase666Maya Figural Rattle
218Maya Incised Cylinder Vase429Islamic/Sassanian Cut Olive-green Glass Bottle 667Costa Rican Tripod Bowls (2)
227Costa Rican Polychrome Decorated Avian Vase431Egypt-Hellenistic Pedestal Bowl668Diquis Mother & Child and Seated Figure (2)
228Choretega Seated Figures (2) 438Egyptianizing Erotic & Double Bull Bone Amulets (2)669Quimbaya Female Figure & Calima Figural Vessel (2)
239Costa Rican Tumbaga Lizard & Copper Zoomorph (2)439Egyptianizing Gold Pendant of Bes673Paracas Bird Vessel
240Costa Rican Matched Pair of Stone Sukia Figures (2)443Egyptian Carnelian Seated Bast Amulet674Moche Blackware Head Vessel
254Colombian Erotic Grouping 446Egyptian Diorite Uzat Eye & Faience Anubis Amulet (2)675Nazca Polychrome Decorated Cylinders (2)
255Jamacoaque Large Jaguar Head449Egyptian Faience Lotus Cup with Frogs676Nazca Flared Kero & Sican Blackware Vessel (2)
257Ecuadorian Reclining Shaman451Egyptian Stone Swan Cosmetic Dish678Marajoara Lidded Jars (2)
259Chorrera Female Figure452Egyptian Stone Bes Disc Amulet679Small Hard Stone Adze Blades (4)
267Chavin Curled Figure Vessel459Faience Cup with Glyphs683Luristan Bronze Axe Head
268Chavin Harpy Eagle Vessel462Egyptian Steatite Finger Ring with Inscription684Bronze Tweezer, Spear Points & Bronze Latches (7)
270Chavin Black & Red Shaman Vessel472Egyptian Wooden Hand685Luristan Small Bronze Bowl & Bell (2)
272Chavin Fruit Vessel473Egyptian Miniature Stone Lidded Jars (2)687Roman-Byzantine Ancient Bronze Weights (8)
273Chavin Blackware Vessel with Foxes474Roman-Egypt Alabaster Vessel688Decorated Pottery Vessel
276Chavin Lapis Pectoral Necklace475Ming Dynasty Bronze Buddha692Sassanian/Islamic Panel Vial
279Chavin Fine Blackware Decorated Vessel477Sui Dynasty Horse with Rider698Roman Bronze Fibula Pins (3)
280Paracus Stirrup Vessel with Fine Incised Owl478Tang Dynasty Terracotta Standing Figures (2)700Roman-Celtic Bronze Folding Knife Handle
281Chavin Duality Stirrup Vessel479Han Pottery Kneeling Figure701Skyphos & Daunian Vessel (2)
283Moche-Salinar Portrait Head483Han Dynasty Decorated Bronze Mirror703Egyptian Beaded Earrings (4)
284Salinar Portrait Head Vessel497Burmese Seated Wood Buddhas (2)704Egyptian Hapy Baboon Amulet
285Viru Man-Jaguar Vessel498Burmese Seated Wood Buddha707Celtic Hook, Bottle-Shaped Cult Stand & Various Bronzes (5)
286Salinar Orangeware Jug with Two Figures506Tsuba Sword Guards (2)708Medieval Iron Knife & Pre-Columbian Ingot Blade (2)
289Moche Lord on Throne518Muslim Boys Jeweled Circumcision Iron Sarong Clip with Gold Overlay711Native American Vessels (3)
292Moche Fishing Vessel with Figure531Lobi “Bateba” Couple712Small Wooden Headrests (2)
293Moche Pyramid Vessel with Lord & Warrior539Kuba Bwoom Mask714Ogboni Society Brass Finial
297Moche II Decorated Vessel541Kabeja Figure