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Fine Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
020Mezcala Speckled Serpentine Human Face Mask299Luristan Bronze Zoomorphic Pin458Large Spirit Board
033Colima Large Flat Figure301Luristan Master of Animals Bronze Standard 459Sepik River Wooden Drum
039Colima Anthropomorphic Stone Axe303Near Eastern Decorated Shell 460Dayak Hudoq Mask
045Standing Colima Figure with Club308Hurivan Type Bronze Spear Blade 464Batak Figural Tobacco Box
049Colima Redware Reclinario311Luristan Bronze Ibex & Animal (2)468Senufo Small Female Figure
064Nayarit Seated Male & Female Figures324Parthian Clay Bullae with Animal Impressions (5)478Bura Terracotta Votive
067Nayarit Pottery Figure of a Pregnant Woman347Roman Aqua Ribbed Shallow Bowl479Bura Votive Phallus
068Nayarit Standing Male Musician348Sassanian Deep Olive Green Cut Glass Bowl483Chi Wara Antelope Crest
092Zapotec Carved Cylinder Vase 349Late Roman Deep Olive Green Ribbed Bowl494Two Brass Sculptures by Yemi Bisiri (Akedanwaiye)
093Zapotec Decorated Cylinder Vase351Roman Glass Sprinkler Bottle 502Luba Kasai Mother & Child
094Veracruz Alabaster Bowl355Aubergine Molded Ribbed Bowl506Luba Thumb Piano
097Nopiloa Molded Priest Figure358Roman Handled Vial & Ribbed Vial (2)507Knobkerry
098Mixtec Stone Penates (2)359Roman Bowl, Bottle & Spindle Vial (3)509Zulu Knobkerry
117Maya Polychrome Decorated Bowl361Roman Double Chamber Balsamarium 515Chupicuaro Decorated Bowl
122Maya Carved Blackware Bowl369Etrusco-Corinthian Small Juglets (3)519Archaic Colima Female & Michoacan Female (2)
125Maya Standing Figure with Choc Mask371Roman-Egypt Gold Choker Chain527Withdrawn Lot
151Costa Rican Figural Jade Pendant375Roman Gold & Garnet Necklace529Redware Figure & Small Figural Urn (2)
189Cocle Decorated Bowl & Fruitera381Egyptian New Kingdom Scribes Steatite Palette546Pre-Classic Animal Head & Nayarit Anthropomorphic Olla with Puppy (2)
202Sinu Pair of Gold Crescent Earrings382Egyptian Double Swan Palette552Huastec Spouted Vessel
210Tumaco Fish-Form Graters (2)383Pataikos on Two Crocodiles554Maya Monkey Vessel & Figural Pot (2)
215Narino Figural Amphora390Egyptian Gilt Mummy Mask555Pre-Classic Maya Rodent Vessel & Small Frog Dish (2)
217Tairona Serpentine Broad-Winged Pectoral397Egyptian Painted Wooden Ushabtis (3)560Costa Rican Jade Tubular Bead
218Tairona Carnelian Wand Mortar403Ptah Sokar Osiris569Ecuadorian Stone Axe & Pendant (2)
222Narino Three Chambered Container405Blue Faience Ring of Ramses IX570Chancay Textile Belt
228Viru-Salinar Figural Vessel410Egyptian Faience Ushabtis (5)573Anatolian Obsidian Small Knife Blade
235Chancay Standing Female Figure 414Egyptian Faience Ushabtis (2)575Ancient Pottery Vessels (3)
242Huari Polychrome Decorated Bottle417Egyptian Seated Bronze Maat Figure581Pueblo Earthenware Vessels (6)
252Chimu Blackware Erotic Couple418Egyptian Lotus Form Double Swan Kohl Container 582Pueblo Decorated Vessels (7)
258Chimu-Inca Feline Vessel & Inca Bowl (2)427Egyptian Coptic Textiles (2)583Mexican Folk Art Olla & Cantaros (3)
260Marajoara Decorated Urn428Withdrawn lot584Large Earthenware Folk Art Vessels (3)
263Marajoara Redware Tangas (3)430European Carved Hardwood Madonna592Withdrawn Lot
264Marajoara Tangas (3)432Hair Wreath593Tibetan Bone Prayer Beads
282Hand Axe Point & Scraping Tool (2)436Chinese Zoomorphic Bronze Belt Hook 595Dayak Mask
286Neolithic Small Stone Tools (5)439Chinese Small Silver Lidded Tea Cups (2)599Lobi Figural Slingshot & Heddle Pulley (2)
287Neolithic Small Stone Tools (5)441Chinese Glazed Ceramic Foo Dog & Shoes (3)602Withdrawn Lot
291Busts of Astarte/Plank Figures (4)446Ghandaran Stone Bodhisattva Head 603Withdrawn Lot
292Mesopotamian Fertility Goddess, Votive Male & Musician (3)450Ban Chieng Decorated Olla608Bamileke Beaded Animal Crest
293Fertility Goddess Heads & Busts (7)452Indian Framed Miniatures & Drawing (3)612Maasai “Rungu” Staff
296Egyptian Acorn Shape Stone Vessel453Withdrawn Lot614Withdrawn Lot
297Mesopotamian Diorite Square Vessel456Gope Spirit Board615Withdrawn Lot