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Classical Antiquities, Fine Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art, #97 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
009Olmec Pottery Bottle249Native American Slipware Pitcher496Roman Bulbous Bodied Bottle on Flat Foot
010Olmec Jadeite Celt with Jaguar Eye250Native American Storage Vessel 497Roman Footed String Glass Chalice
013Olmec Grayware Pinched Bowl & Stone Bowl (2)252Hopi & Acoma Decorated Bowls (2)504Roman Two-Handled Iridescent Jar
025Guerrero Gray-Green Stone Mask281Han Dynasty Equestrian Rider 506Roman Tall Glass Unguentarium
027Chontal Small Maskette287Pair of Chinese Jars & Japanese Floral Decorated Vase (3)508Sassanian Cut Glass Bottle
032Guerrero Seated Greenstone Bench Figure288Chinese Porcelain Figures (4)509Roman Wide Mouth Glass Bottle
037Colima Crouching Dog with Corn Cob 296Chinese Bronze Figure of Lao Tzu511Roman Miniature Molded Glass Jar
039Colima Small Redware Dog297Equestrian Iron Sculpture513Roman Glass Pilgrims Flask
044Colima Redware Seated Ball Thrower299Copper-Bronze Sage Riding Fish (2)516Sassanian Blue Cut Glass Bowl
045Chinesco Large Seated Female Figure320Indian Brass Temple Toy & Ifugao Sculpture (2)517Roman Blue Glass Aryballos with “Splash” Decoration
049Colima Spondylus Shell Zoomorphic Pectoral321Indian Bronze Standing Figure with Cane519Roman Glass Bottle
055Jalisco Standing Warrior with Spider 322Indian Ceremonial Medicine Metal Spoon520Byzantine Bronze Incised Reliquary Cross Pendant
062Zapotec Figural Corn God Urn324Thai Bronze Buddha Sculpture526Silver Fibula Pin
078Huastec Seated Female Figure328Indonesian Bronze & Burmese Wood Buddhas (2)534Roman Glass Beaded Necklace
086Maya Lidded Incensario Urn333Wooden Figural Corbel535Greek Silver Torque & Matching Bracelet (2)
091Maya Red Seated God C Cylinder Vase334Wooden Dancer Figure551Greco-Hellenistic Pair of Gold Hoop Earrings with Dangles
092Maya Polychrome Decorated Vase348Japanese Bronze Figure552Late Roman Gold Iron & Bronze Buckle
097Maya Carved Deity Vase364New Britain Painted Board554Egyptian Revival Fancy Gold Brooch with Carnelian Scarab
098Maya Large Creamware Engraved Vase370Abelam Woven Ornament597Egyptian Large Bronze Ibis Leg
100Maya Tripod Rattle Vessel with Incised Animals371Chambri Pottery Sago Bowl598Egyptian Bronze Seated Harpocrates
111Maya Jade Pendants (4)379Abelam Mask & Boars Tusk Collar (2)610Withdrawn Lot
112Pre-Maya & Maya Stone Heads & Pendants (6)386Mousterian / Middle Paleolithic Small Stone Tools (6)612Egyptian Bastet with Aegis
114Maya Avian Pendant & Costa Rican Jadeite Pendant (2)389Danish Neolithic Large Graystone Adze Blade623Roman-Egyptian Pottery Heads (3)
125Maya Mountain Goat Deity Basalt Head390Danish Neolithic Graystone Adze Blade626Islamic Bronze Animal Kohl Container with Applicator
126Taino Stone Crouching Jaguar 396Near Eastern Bronze Female Figure639Bamana Female Figure
128Maya Gray Stone Flanged Bowl398Tel Brak Lead Figural Appliques (2)642Dogon Fouille Bronze Pendant
134Costa Rican Stone Effigy Metate408Ordos Copper Plaque with Lion & Onager644Kotoko Equestrian Bronze
138Costa Rican Jade Decorated Pectoral Celt 422Holyland Pottery Bull & Luristan Bronze Ibex (2)645Kotoko Bronze Horse with Two Riders
139Costa Rican Jade Celt with Openwork Design423Late Bronze Age Bowl & Terracotta Jug (2)657Lobi Wooden Figure
140Costa Rican Deep Green Jade Deity Celt Pendant424Northern Greek Bronze Implements (15)658Bangwa Queen Mother Figure
149Costa Rican Axe God Necklace425Mojeno Daro Stone & Metal Artifacts (15+)659Bobo or Winiama Mask
163Calima Gilt Disc Face Pendants (2) 429Archaic Greek Phrygian Bull Rhyton Vessel664Yoruba Stone Twins Figure
164Tairona Gold Labret Caps (5)431Corinthian Double-Handled Lidded Vessel665Tiv Ceremonial Axe
165Tiahuanaco Gold Pin & Plaque (2)442Greco-Roman Bronze Handle with Figures in Combat667“Kam” Leader Mask
166Muisca Tumbaga Miniature Atl Atl443Roman Bronze Facial Pendant & Handle (2)677Withdrawn Lot
168Calima Seated Female & Male Figures (2)446Roman Bronze Patera with Rams Head Handle692“Mwana Phwevo” Lwena Lovale Mask
182Bahia Large Seated Figure456Northern Greek Bronze Bell Form Weights or Danglers (11)715Tairona Anthropomorphic Vessel & Calima Toad Vessel (2)
193Chimu Silver Tupu Pin with Bird457Roman Iron Lock Parts & 4 Keys (6)727Native American Grayware Vessel
200Moche/Chimu Copper Cal Spoons with Human Finials (3)463Roman Marble Head of a Goddess730Ramu River Mask
201Chimu-Inca Silver Cal Spoons (2)469Canosan Eros & Psyche Figural Group 731Miniature Ancient Near Eastern Jars (5)
205Chimu Bronze Openwork Plaque472Roman Large Amber Vessel with Applied Decoration 741Fibula Pins, Anglo-Saxon Bronze Buckle & English Iron Key (5)
209Chancay Textile Shirt Section with Intricate Avian Decoration 476Roman Large Three-Handled Green Glass Jar743Dogon Terracotta Group
211Chancay Brown & Beige Geometric Painted Textile 480Roman Double-Chambered Balsamarium744Baule Male Figure
220Casas Grandes Ramos Black Bird Effigy482Late Roman Glass Sprinkler Bottle with Ribbed Body749Bronze Bracelet, Zoomorphic Bronze Implement & Figural Amulet (3)
224Mesa Verde Large Black on White Bowl486Roman Glass Jar with Fine Trailing