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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #101 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
007Xochipala Tall Standing Figure421Baule Figure600Roman Bronze Applique & Byzantine Silver Chi Rho Pendant (2)
065Mezcala Greenstone Standing Figure425Baule or Ashanti Game Board with Figural Support613Roman Silver Spoon
069Chontal Large Greenstone Figure427Senufo Figure621Hellenistic Terra Sigillata
093Colima Greenstone Frog Pendant432Bamana Kore Mask624Ancient Bronze Coin in Gold Pendant
106Colima Seated Figures (2)444Bobo or Bwa Plank Mask675Pre-Dynastic Egyptian Flint Knife
107Colima Warriors (2)450Mossi Bronze Whistle678Early Dynastic Egyptian Speckled Diorite Jar
127Ixtlan del Rio Conjoined Pair462Fon “Bocio” Figure679Egyptian New Kingdom Large Alabaster Vase
132Nayarit Warrior Wearing Armor and Helmet463Fon “Bocio” Male Figure with Padlock685Egyptian Wood Canopic Jar Lid of Duamutef
152Veracruz Sonriente Figure470Yoruba Prestige Staff687Egyptian Stone Swan Cosmetic Palette
187Maya Fine Green Jade Zoomorphic Carved Bead476Kuba Kete Large Mask693Roman-Egypt Steatite Bust
238Quimbaya Gold Lime Container Lid484Teke Female Figure694Egyptian Faience Amulet of Horus
263Chimu Gold Alloy Bird Ornaments (4)485Small Teke “Buti”695Faience Bastet with Inscription
283Colonial Red Beaded Necklace with Silver Charms496Chinese Langquan Celadon Glazed Dish696Egyptian Faience Amulet of Toth
307Inca Copper Headdress Plume498Northern Qi LimestoneBody of Maitreya698Egyptian Diorite Uzat Eye
309Chavin Anthracite Disk Mirror502Bengal Garuda Bronze Bell699Egyptian Faience Beaded Necklace with Uzats
314Huari Inlaid Wooden Figural Pendant506Standing Bronze Tirthankara700Egyptian Baboons & Horus in Boat
320Nazca Polychrome Decorated Bowl with Sea Bird509Bronze Annapurna Devi701Faience Amulet of Tauret
345Chimu Rectangular Panel with Feathers516Indonesian Silver & Gold Betel Box705Two-Headed Faience Amulet of Sobek
347Chancay Shirt Embroidered with Large Figures517Nepal Gurung Gold & Resin Necklace709Egyptian Carenelian Amulet of Bast
348Chancay Embroidered Panel with Large Figure521Sumerian Terracotta Forepart of a Recumbent Ram717Egyptian Bronze Epsilon Axe
349Chimu Slit-Tapestry Textile with Figure526Sumerian Green Stone Cup718Egyptian Seated Bronze Horus
359Proto-Nazca Panel with Long Fringe528Sumerian Lapis Bull of Heaven722Roman-Egyptian Strap Union
364Proto-Nazca Textile Doll Fringe 543Achaemenid Decorated Silver Phiale732Phoenician Core-Formed Amphoriskos
367Proto-Nazca Textile Head & Flower Textile Band (2)557Syro-Hittite Bull Carriage Mortar 738Core-Formed Glass Alabastron
375Casas Grandes Huerigos Decorated Duck Effigy562Luristan Bronze Axe Head739Phoenician Core-Formed Alabastron
409Aboriginal Wooden Churinga582East Greek Terracotta Lydion771Large Sayh Al Uhamir Iron Meteorite