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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art and Egyptian, Classical & Asian Antiquities #106 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
010Olmec Jadeite Stone Celt341Large Fulani Calabash513Greek Gold Erinye Pendant
011Olmec Jadeite Stone Celt346Yoruba or Nupe Shrine Jar514Etruscan Gold Hippocamp & Sphinx Finger Ring
014Large Olmec Jade Pectoral357Lega Maskette515Greek Silver Inscribed Pitcher
016Fine Olmec Seated Figure360Sickle Blade “Ngulu”521Attic Blackware Kylix
023Olmecoid Stone Tenon Head362Yaka or Suku Staff with Seated Figure522Attic Blackware Skyphos
054Mezcala Speckled Greenstone Seated Figure369Han Dynasty Horse & Rider524Greek Geometric Bronze Pectoral
057Chontal Standing Stone Figure371Very Large Han Dynasty Bull527Bucchero Ware Incised Ribbed Amphora
058Guerrero Serpentine Standing Figure374Chinese Sandstone Buddha Head535Hellenistic Terracotta Figure of a Standing Woman
065Archaic Colima Figure with Multiple Babies375Tang Monumental Standing Warrior547Roman Bronze Bust of a Child
071Colima Musician with Rattle & Pan Pipes379Ming Equestrian Scholar 548Roman Bronze Dolphin Ring
072Colima Male Hunchbacked Shaman Figure380Black with White Veins Scholar Rock551Marble Head of a Young Woman
079Colima Redware Adorable Puppy388Indian Sandstone Figure of Shardula554Roman Marble Male Head
081Fine Colima Small Redware Dog Holding Corncob389Indian Sandstone Deity Head555Roman Marble Head of a Woman
085Chinesco Dogs (3)391Central Indian Sandstone Figure559Roman Marble Apollo Panel
092Nayarit Male Warrior Wearing Armor392Indian Sandstone Stele of Shiva 564Roman Marble Sarcophagus Section Depicting Apollo
102Mixtec Mosaic Mirror Back393Indian Sandstone Stele565Roman Bronze Figure of Diana
108Nopiloa Seated Female Figure396Thai Buddha Head567Roman Bronze Male Bust
113Veracruz Old Deity Head Hacha398Khmer Female Deity569Roman Bronze Eros
116Toltec Basalt Figural Head399Burmese Sandstone Sculpture of Nat / Shindaw575Roman Bronze Winged Eros
117Aztec Red Stone Seated Figure400Stucco Buddha Head578Roman Bronze Bird
118Teotihuacan Large Stone Serpent Head Tenon401Thai Bronze Figure of Buddha 583Roman Child’s Silver Bracelet with Ax Pendant
123Maya Mountain Goat Deity Basalt Head402Khmer Small Stone Head584Roman Silver Spoon
124Maya Stone Head Hacha414Indian Portrait Savar Singh of Kishangarh587Roman Silver Roundel with Medusa Head
128Maya Light Green Jade Face Pendants (3)416Painting of a Male Noble Figure588Roman Silver Mirror with Handle
129Maya Quiche Large Sun God Urn417Portrait of Rana Amar Singh II at Archery590Roman Terracotta Theater Mask
134Maya / Jaina Suspended Figure419Portrait of Rajput Pahari Kangra & Bearded Man (2)597Roman Gold & Garnet Finger Ring
135Early Maya Bone Standing Figure420Indian Painting of a Seated Smoking Figure600South Arabian Banded Agate Seal in Gold Holder
145Pre-Maya Standing Female Figure421Indian Painting of Multiple Figures602Hellenistic Carnelian Intaglio with Partial Gold Covering
199Darien Tumbaga Pendant & Bird Head Fragment (2)429Fossil Fish Phareodus Testis603Roman Carnelian Intaglio in Gold Pendant
201Narino Gold Monkey Holding Shell431Framed Diplomytus Fish Fossil Plate604Roman Gold Crescent Earring with Garnet
205Withdrawn Lot440Withdrawn Lot608Roman-Egypt Gold Finger Ring
206Withdrawn Lot441Near Eastern Black Stone Cylinder Seal615Byzantine Bronze Chandelier
207Withdrawn lot443Syrian White Steatite Cylinder Seal617Byzantine Bronze Cross
218Moche Copper Tumi with Jaguar444Neo-Assyrian Mudstone Cylinder Seal619Byzantine Round Bronze Gilded Pendant with Cross
223Viru Owl Vessel457Exceptional Sassanian Terracotta Bullae Depicting Adhur Narseh621Roman Enameled “Chatelaine” Brooch
241Marajoara Arari Red Decorated Urn470Baluchestan Copper Female Figure holding Pot622Byzantine Bronze Decorated Comb Frame
246Sihuas Fringed Textile473Mesopotamian Bronze Bird Weight623Byzantine Glazed Dish with Bird Engraving
249Chancay Gauze Panel Head Wrap477Withdrawn Lot624Byzantine Ceramic Cup with Bird Decoration
251Chancay White Fringed Textile480Mesopotamian Molded Pottery Astarte625Late Roman Gilt Bronze Belt Buckle
262Nazca Brown & White Tie-Dye Textile Panel481Mesopotamian Turquoise Glazed Decorated Vessel626Roman-Byzantine Bronze & Enamel Pendant
263Caddo Taylor Engraved Miniature Bottle483Sumerian Alabaster Jarlet with Faces 627Byzantine Silver & Gold Fibula Pin
277Fiji “Ula” Throwing Club487Central Asian Bronze Axe Head629Withdrawn lot
281Admiralty Island Obsidian Head Spear490Hittite Steatite Crouching Lion649Green Glass Decorated Hexagonal Juglet
288Baule Mask492Devil Trap Bowl Aramaic Inscription 652Islamic Elongated Glass Vial
291Guro Mask493Kilia Pointy Calcite Head656Egyptian Alabaster Headrest
299Ivory Coast or Mende Female Figure494Syro-Hittite Terracotta Fertility Idol Head 659Egyptian Glazed Pottery Busts Inlays (2)
300Senufo Washing Seat495Middle Eastern Fertility Idol Head660Egyptian Glazed Pottery Anubis Head & Woman’s Head Inlays (2)
301Ivory Coast Figurine501Urartu Gray Pottery Vessel666Withdrawn Lot
304N’Gere We Mask 502South Arabian Bronze Camel677Exceptional Ptah Sokar Osiris
327Bamana Sistrum with Mask503Canaanite Tell-El-Yahudiyeh Ware685Egyptian Bronze Ibis
330Benin Rattle Staff504Hellenistic Alabaster Lidded Jar688Islamic Bronze Double Wick Lamp
334Benin Brass Anthropomorphic Trumpet 505Messapian Decorated Miniature Bell Krater689Islamic Terracotta Incised Footed Bowl
340Slab Hermaphrodite Figure510Western Greek Terracotta Female Protome692French Limestone Columns with Capital and Base (4)