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Summer of 22 Variety Auction UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
009Olmec Jadeite Stone Celt405Withdrawn from Unsold Lots Auction552Bactrian Camel Seal & Western Asiatic Lead Lion Applique (2)
011Olmec Speckled Granite Celt406Withdrawn from Unsold Lots Auction554Sassanian & Late Roman Seal & Intaglio (2)
012Olmec Greenstone Short Celt408Withdrawn from Unsold Lots Auction556Kilia Head & Torso (2)
015Olmecoid Baby Head & Elderly Shaman Head (2)409Fante Asafo Flag562Campanian Skyphos
018Olmec Pretty Lady410Goldweights (3)564Hellenistic Plainware Pottery Askos
021Pre-Classic Stone Group (3)415Senufo Decorative Mask572Daunian Small Decorated Askos Rattle
022Tlatilco Figure & Colima Figure (2)417Senufo Style Poro Figure573Etruscan Impasto Ware Vessel, Daunian & Bowl (3)
023Olmecoid Maskette & Misc. Group (6)420Bamana Female Figure582Etruscan Two-Handle Amphora & Greek Skyphos
027Mezcala Jadeite Abstract Head Ornament421Bamana Iron Equestrian Warrior591Roman Bronze Scoops & Tools (4)
049Tlatilco Double Face Head422Dogon Female Figure592Roman Gold & Garnet Finger Ring
051Pre-Classic Figures (3)424Dogon Style Male Figure596Roman Bronze Beam Scale & Pin Lot (8)
066Colima Head Vessel, Figure, Whistle & Shell Pendant (4)427Tellem Divination Stick604French Limestone Columns with Capital & Base (4)
075Colima Seated Figure428Dogon Style Post607Roman Carnelian Intaglio in Gold Pendant
097Stone Metate (Grinding Table) 429Mossi Wooden Animal608Roman Gold Crescent Earring with Garnet
119Veracruz Carved Stone Brow Element433Babessi Pedestal Pottery Bowl610Neo-Classical Female Cameos (3)
150Pre-Maya Seated Figure435Withdrawn Lot613Hellenistic Carnelian Intaglio with Partial Gold Covering
151Pre-Maya Matching White Stone Brows (2)442Eket Altar Figure622Egyptian Miniature Basalt Celts (2)
152Panamanian Celt, Maya Ear Spool & Weight (3)445Large Fulani Calabash694Han Dynasty Pottery Hut
160Maya Bowls (2)446Withdrawn lot706Chinese Jade Archers Rings (2)
175Maya Mountain Goat Deity Basalt Head447Urhobo or Ibibio Spirit Figure738Indian Sandstone Stele of Shiva
186Maya Jade Bead, Olmec Polishing Stone & Anthracite Mirror (3)449Yoruba Divnation Tools (2)744Indian Portrait Savar Singh of Kishangarh
197Costa Rican Shoe Vessel & Redware Pot (2)450Yoruba or Nupe Shrine Jar746Portrait of Rajput Pahari Kangra & Bearded Man (2)
202Costa Rican & Veracruz Jars (3)451Yoruba Style Bronze Maskette751Thai Buddha Head
204Taino Dark Gray-Black Hardstone Petaloid Celt452Large Decorative Mask755Wooden Figural Corbel
213Pre-Columbian Copper Reptiles, Nosering & Gilded Bead (4)453Hemba Standing Male Figure756Bronze Miniature Bala Krishna, Ganesha & Hanuman (3)
217Narino Bowl with Caryatid Figures454Hemba Terracotta Power Figure757Small Indian Bronzes (4)
218Tamalameque Lidded Figural Urn457Withdrawn from Unsold Lots Auction758Seated Bronze Ganesh, Small Elephants & Dog (4)
231Ecuadorian Whistling Vessel & Rattling Tripod Bowl459Pende Drum760Thai & Cambodian Glazed Pottery Jars (4)
263Chancay Dart Case & Two Bone Pins (3)460Teke Female Figure762Stucco Buddha Head
272Chimu Bronze Spear Head & Miniature Inca Tumi & Modern Figural Tumis (4)462Yaka Power Figure765Thai Bronze Monk
281Chimu Wooden Staff & Weaving Implement (2)464Fang Style Figure in Bark Box770Thai Stoneware Jar
282Chimu Vessels (3) 465Ngul Parade Knife771Thai Large Bronze Buddha Head
288Chimu / Inca Blackware Vessels (3)466Sickle Blade “Ngulu”796Large Wooden Milk Jug Vessel
312Mapuche Large Silver Pendants (2)469Tabwa Style Helmet Mask798SW Farber Brass Tripods (2)
321Aymara Textile Mantle Section471Sculpture by Charles Kyenze800Handel Type Lamp Base
323Chancay Loincloth Section472Kwere Harp801Tiffany Style Turtleback Geometric Leaded Glass Dome Hanging Lamp
330Chancay Textile Tumpline489Acheulean Hand Axes & Neolithic Adze (3)808Geometric & Shield Leaded Glass Window Panel
334Chimu Textile “Fish Trap” Panel494Mousterian Flint Small Hand Axe809Large Leaded Glass Floral Panel
336Huari Textile Fragment & Nazca Implement with Fringe (2)495Middle Paleolithic Axe810Large Leaded Glass Window Panel
338Inca Decorated Textile Belt496Nordic Mesolithic Flint Edge Trimmed Flake Axes (2)811Art Nouveau Matching Leaded Glass Window Panels (2)
341Proto-Nazca & Chimu Textile Fragments with Geometric Patterning (2)497Danish Neolithic Flint Celt813Floral & Geometric Leaded Glass Window Panel
349Chiribaya Sash501Danish Neolithic Small Gray Flint Celt814Leaded Glass Window Panel
352Scrimmed Walrus Tusk Cribbage Board506Nordic Mesolithic Flint Tools (3)815Leaded Glass Window Panel with Small Children
356Manitoulin Island Papoose Cradle507Nordic Mesolithic Grayish Black Flint Adze 816Leaded Glass Window Panels (2)
373Native American Vessels (3)518Ancient Near East Marble Jars (2)817Leaded Multicolor Glass Panels (2)
384South American Embroidered Panel519Amlash Pottery Zoomorph827Goa Baby Jesus & Bone Jesus (2)
390Graduated Bowls & Tontonicapan Folk Pottery Incensario (5)521Bronze Bracelet, Zoomorphic Finial & Miniature Hare Vessel (3)834Withdrawn lot. See lot 309.
392Archaic Wood Figure525Miniature Stone Vases (5) 838Pottery Head, Metal Beaded Necklace & Shell Necklace (3)
398Bolivian Gaucho Belt with Silver Buckle & Coins526Silver & Bronze Bracelets & Torques (5)839Pitjantjatjara or Aranda Beanwood Paring Shield
402Bronze Decorative Horse & Rider535Bronze Tweezer, Spear Points & Bronze Latches (7)840Aboriginal Spearthrower
403Ivory Coast Bow547Tel El Yahudieh Pyriform Juglet841Group of Holyland Pottery Vessels (9)