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4/14/2024 2:21:07 PM

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product details
Auction Closes At: 16:22:00 03/07/2024
Time Remaining: Closed
Lot# & Name: 752. Oceanic Books (45 plus)
Estimate: $150-$250
Current High Bid: $100.00
Auction Closed(Final Price) $100.00

Category: Books (Relating to Items Offered)
Sub Category: General
Culture or Country: --
Period: --

Description: Racinet, “Le Costume Historique, Cinq Cents Planches”, Volume II, 1877, enclosed in plastic wrap, a rare book; Books Huber, “Time and Tide, the Changing Art of the Asmat of New Guinea”, 2009, signed by author, SC in color; Palmer and Dean, “South Pacific”, 1972, SC in b&w; Lewis, “Decorative Art of New Guinea”, 1973, SC in b&w; Mead, “Growing Up in New Guinea”, First Laurel Edition, 1968, SC; Firth, “We, the Tikopia”, 1966, SC; Jopling, “Art and Aesthetics in Primitive Societies”, 1971, SC: Sowell, “Rituality”, 2007, SC in color; Ebin, “The Body Decorated”, 1979, SC in color; Wingert, “Primitive Art, its Traditions and Styles”, 1962, SC in b&w; Dupeyrat, “Savage Papua: A Missionary Among Cannibals”, HC w/bj and protective plastic, b&w; Kooijman, “Art, Art Objects, and Ritual in the Mimika Culture”, 1984, SC in b&w; Thomas, “Oceanic Art”, 1979, SC in color; The University Prints, “Oceanic Art”, 1970s, SC in b&w; French Language Roy, “Arts Sauvages”, 1957, HC w/bj, color and b&w; Collection “Le Musee Vivant”, No. 38, “L’art Oceanien”, 1950’s, SC in b&w; Orliac and Orliac, “Bois Sculptes de l’Ile de Paques, 1995 SC in color; West France University, “Oceanie le Masque au Long Cours”, 1990s, HC without bj, color; German Language Koch, “Sudsee”, 1969, SC in b&w; State Museum Berlin, “Asmat Mythos Und Kunst”, 1995, SC in color and b&w; Birkhauser Verlag, “Leben in Linie Muster und Farbe”, 1989, SC without bj, color and b&w; Kaufmann, “Papua Niugini”, Culture Museum Basel, SC in b&w; Welt und Wissen Magazine, edition of February, 1929, with rare color maps of oceania and australia; Dutch Language University of Gent, “Oceania; the Ethnographic Collections of the University of Ghent”, 1997, SC in color; Kooijman, “De Kunst Van Nieuw Guinea”, 1978, SC in b&w; Kooijman, “Nieuw Guinea: Kunst, Kunstvormen en Stijlgebeiden”, State Museum, Leiden, 1980’s, SC in b&w; Papoea, Teken & Kleur, on view in Munster in 1984, SC in b&w; Bilingual English and Russian Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, Leningrad, [No title] 1973, HC w/bj, color; Bilingual English and Dutch Antiquity and Survival in New Guinea, No. 5 1956 “Mit Nederlandse Tekst”, SC in b&w; Bilignual English and French Gallerie Meyer, No#11, “Oceanie”, 1992, SC in b&w; Catalogs and Museum Works Hurst Gallery, “Art and Artifacts of Melanesia”, 1992, SC in color; Christie’s New York, “African and Oceanic Art: the Robert abd Jean Shoenberg Collection”, closed Nov 14, 2008, SC in color; Christie’s Paris (bilingual French and English), “La collection Hotz: Arts d’Afrique”, closed June 14, 2011, SC in color; J. Camp Associated Ltd., “Continuity and Control: the Dynamics of Sacred and Secular Art of Northeast New Guinea”, on view in 1978, SC in b&w; Museum of Primitive Art, “Primitive Art Masterworks”, 1974, SC in b&w; Museum of Primitive Art, “The Raymond Wielgus Collection”, 1960, SC in b&w; Museum of Primitive Art, “Art of Oceania, Africa, and the Americas from the Museum of Primitive Art”, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on view in 1969, SC in color and b&w; Art Institute of Chicago, “Primitive Art”, 1965, SC in b&w; Fagg, “The Tribal Image”, British Museum collection, 1970, SC in b&w; The University of Iowa Museum of Art, Wilke, “An Artist Collects, Selections from Five Continents”, in view in 1975, SC in b&w; Museum of Applied Arts Helsinki, (bilingual in Finnish and English), “Journey to Oceania”, on view in 1987, SC in b&w; Tambaran Gallery, “Tambaran, Masks, Mysterious Forces”, 2009, SC in color; Museum of Man, “Anthropology, Ethnology, Prehistory”, 1984, SC in color; Fine Arts Museum San Francisco, Dreyfus, “de Young, Selected Works”, 2005, SC in color; Tribal Arts Guide Volume III, “Eastern North America”; Museum of Primitive Art, “Sculpture from the South Seas”, 1962, SC in b&w; Saint Louis Art Museum, “Art of the Papuan Gulf”, Winter 1996 Bulletin, SC in color; Parish Art Museum, “Primitive Art of New Guinea”, 1963, SC in b&w; Bowers Museum Foundation, “Arts of Oceania, Shells of Oceania”, on view in 1975, SC in b&w; Tribal Art Magazine #38, Summer 2005;
Provenance: --
Shipping Fee:
National: $75.00
International: $175.00 (This is approximate and for Postal Service. Prices may vary, especially for private carriers such as: FEDEX, UPS and BAX).

Oceanic Books (45 plus)

BIDDER BID QTY Original Bid Time
1. Gilligan $100.00 1 3/7/2024 2:55:54 PM
2. Smoothoperator90 $75.00 1 3/7/2024 1:47:37 PM
3. Paca $50.00 1 3/1/2024 5:21:28 PM
4. Smoothoperator90 $50.00(losing tie) 1 3/7/2024 1:47:25 PM

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