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4/14/2024 12:45:38 PM

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product details
Auction Closes At: 16:28:00 03/07/2024
Time Remaining: Closed
Lot# & Name: 755. Books on the Subject of Oceania (English, German, French) (66)
Estimate: $150-$250
Current High Bid: $50.00
Auction Closed(Final Price) $50.00

Category: Books (Relating to Items Offered)
Sub Category: General
Culture or Country: --
Period: --

Description: Museum Books Warden, Moore and Shwab, “The Art of Papua New Guinea”, Tennessee Fine Arts Center at Cheekwood, 1970’s, SC in b&w; Griffin, “Pieces of Paradise”, The Australian Musuem Trust, 1988, SC in color; Powell and Friedman, “Primitive Artt of the Pacific Islands”, Brooklyn Museum, 1957, SC in b&w; Starzecka and Cranstone, “The Solomon Islanders”, British Museum, 1974, SC in b&w; Losche, “The Abelam; A People of Papua New Guinea”, The Australian Museum, 1982, SC in color and b&w; Kjellgren and Ivory, “Adorning the World; Art of the Marquesas Islands”, Met Museum, 2005, SC in color; Neich, “Pounamu; Maori Jade of New Zealand”, Auckland Museum, 2003, SC in color; Newton, “Crocodile and Cassowary”, Museum of Primitive Art, 1971, SC in b&w; Mamiya and Sumnik, “Hevehe; Art, Economics and Status in the Papuan Gulf”, Museum of Cultural History, 1982, SC in b&w; Wardwell, “The Sculpture of Ancient Polynesia”, on view at the Art Institute of Chicago, 1967-68, SC in b&w; Wardwell, “The Art of the Sepik River”, on view at the Art Institute of Chicago, 1971, SC in b&w; University Museum Philadelphia, “Pacific Art”, loan exhibition, 1960’s, SC in b&w; Maitland Art Center, “The Art of Micronesia”, on view in 1996, SC in b&w; Papua New Guinea Public Museum and Art Gallery, “Guide to the Collection”, 1974, SC in b&w; Skinner and Simmons, “The Maori Hei-Tiki”, Otago Museum, 1966, SC in b&w; Leonard and Terrell, “Patterns of Paradise, the Styles and Significance of Bark CLoth Field Field Museum of Natural History “Around the World”, 1980, SC in b&w; Honolulu Academy of Arts, “An Exhibition of Oceanic Arts”, 1967, SC in b&w; Museum of Primitive Art, “Malu; Openwork Boards of the Tshuosh Tribe”, 1963, SC in b&w; Western Australian Museum Perth, “Omie; in the Shadow of a Volcano”, on view in 2007, SC in color; Museum of Primitive Art, “New Guinea Art in the Collection of the Museum of Primitive Art”, 1967, HC w/bj, b&w; Bowers Museum Foundation and Ethnic Arts Council of Los Angeles, “The Ruth and George C. Kennedy Collection of Ethnic Art”, 1979, enclosed in an envelope; Museum of Cultures, Basel, “An Ethnology of the Admiralty Islanders”, 1998, HC w/bj, color; San Diego Museum of Art, Ellis, “Oceanic Art; a Celebration of Form”, 2009, SC in color; Gallery Books and Others Schmitz, Acanthus History of Sculpture, “Oceanic Sculpture”, 1962, HC w/bj, SC in b&w, three copies one still in its original wrapping; Lang Art Galleries at Scripps College, “The Primitive Arts of the Sepik River, New Guinea”, on show in 1960, SC in b&w; Hurst Gallery, “Art of New Guinea”, 1988, color and b&w; Hurst Gallery, “Power and Prestige, the Arts of Island Melanesia and the Polynesian Outliers”, 1996, SC in color; Conru, “Oceanic Shields”, 2006, SC in color; Simeon, “The Birth of Art”, 1980’s, SC in b&w; Morley, “The Essence of Tribal Arts”, 1992, SC in color; Hamson, “Aesthetics of Integrity in New Guinea Art”, 2007, SC color; Hamson, “The Elegance of Menace; Aesthetics of New Guinea Art”, 2005, SC in color; Holdsworth, “The Sepik”, 1974, SC in color; Government of Indonesia in cooperation with the U.N., “The Art of Wood Carving in Irian Jaya”, 1977, SC in b&w; Holdsworth, “The Highlands”, 1974, SC in color; Riley, “Jade Treasures of the Maori”, 1994, SC in color; Nolte, “Kina, Tapa, and Baba Tagwa; Artifacts from Papua New Guinea”, 1995, SC in b&w; Kooijman, “Tapa on Moche Island Fiji”, 1977, SC in b&w; Pule, “Binabina, the making of a Gela War Canoe”, 1983, SC in color and b&w; Goldman, “Hunstein Korowori, Sculpture from the Sepik Hills”, 1971, SC in b&w; Garrick, “The Garrick Picture book of Papua & New Guinea”, 1980’s, SC in color; Visser Melanesian Art, “Papua New Guinea”, 2000’s, SC in color; Pacific Arts Magazine volume 8, 2009, SC in color; Books in Other Languages German Museum of Cultures, Basel “Die Kunst Neu-Guineas”, 1960’s, SC in b&w; Museum of Cultures, Basel, Kaufmann, “Ozeanien”, 1979, SC in color;’ Museum of Cultures, Basel, Kaufmann, “Vanuatu, Kunst Aus der Sudsee”, 1997, SC in color; Koch, “Ein Beseres Leben”, 2000, SC in color;’ Kunstarchiv Berlin, “Sudsee Plastiken”, 1926, SC in b&w, an important early catalog of oceanic works of art; Linden-Museums, Stuttgart, “Melanesian Mensch und Natur, Mythos und Kunst”, on view in 1977, SC in b&w; Konrad und Konrad und Schneebaum, “Asmat, Leben mit den Ahnen”, 1981, SC in color and b&w; Deutschen Elfenbein Museum, “Schnitzkunst Aus der Sudsee”, on view in 1974, SC in b&w; Hunt-Nishi and Perani, “Art of the Sepik River and the Papuan Gulf”, 1987, SC in color; French Musee de L’Homme, “Nlle Guinee”, 1956, SC in b&w; Gallerie Kramer, Paris, “Arts D’Oceanie”, 1966, SC in b&w; Musee Barbier-Mueller, Geneve, “Masques D’Oceanie”, 1985, SC in color; de Grunne, “Art Papou”, 1979, SC in b&w; Musee Departemental de Solutre, “Arts de la Guerre en Nouvelle Guinee”, 1995, SC in color; Christie’s Paris, June 2011, “Art Oceanien, Africain et d’Amerique du Nord”, SC in color; Kasarherou, “Masques Oceaniens”, 1987, SC in color; Bilignual French and English Gallerie Meyer, “Art of Vanuatu”, 1997-1998, SC in color; Gallerie Meyer, “Tapa, Bark Cloth of Oceania”, 1998, SC in color; Dutch Museum voor land en Volkendunde, “Kunst uit Melanesie”, 1951, SC in b&w; Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, “Papoea Kunst”, 1966, SC in b&w; Schuster, “Die maler vom May River”, 1969, SC in color; Dutch and English Volkenkundig Museum Breda, “Asmat Art/Kunst” 1977, SC in b&w;
Provenance: --
Shipping Fee:
National: $80.00
International: $185.00 (This is approximate and for Postal Service. Prices may vary, especially for private carriers such as: FEDEX, UPS and BAX).

Books on the Subject of Oceania (English, German, French) (66)

BIDDER BID QTY Original Bid Time
1. Gilligan $50.00 1 3/7/2024 3:00:29 PM
2. Paca $25.00 1 3/1/2024 5:27:40 PM

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