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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical and Asian Antiquities #77 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
004Near Eastern Schist Stone Magic Palette299Cocle Polychrome Decorated Fruitera500Luristan Bronze Bird Implements (5)
020Large Baluchistan Pottery Vessel301Cocle Pedestal Fruitera501Luristan Animal Bronzes (5)
023Large Iron Age Pottery Vessels (2)302Quimbaya “Retablo” Figure503Ancient Near Eastern Bronzes (4)
032Daunian Ware Funnel Krater303Quimbaya Small Pottery Retablo Figure504Amlash Pottery Rhyton
033Daunian Ware Askos304Tumaco Figure Seated on Stool505Miniature Bronze Ladles and a Pouring Vessel (4)
034Daunian Ware Kyathos306Narino Amphora507Hellenistic Miniature Marble Vase and Bronze Vessel (2)
035Daunian Ware Olpe and Bowl (2)318Chavin Monkey Head Vessel508Holyland Pottery Vessels (5)
047Byzantine Lead Icon of Peter and Paul319Chavin Vessel With Globular Body509Saucer Type Early Oil Lamps (5)
048Withdrawn Lot321Chavin Owl Vessel510Bronze Animal, Glass Bust and Pottery Bottle (3)
051Roman Bronze Bust323Vicus Head Pot and Double Globular Vessel (2)512Cypriot Pottery Bottle
059Egyptian Bronze Osiris326Recuay Lobed Vessel515Daunian Ware Pedestal Dish
063Marble Mortar328Moche Fine-Line Stirrup Vessel517Two Buckles and a Finial (3)
067Ottoman Bas Relief Panel335Moche I Blackware Figural Vessel518Byzantine Small Bronze Crosses (10)
086Roman Amber Glass Jar with Trailing339Nazca Globular Vessel519Gold Bell Form Earrings
094Roman Large Candlestick Unguentaria342Nazca Polychrome Seated Female Figure525Bronze Figures of Osiris (3)
105Roman Sprinkler Flasks (2)343Nazca Bowl and Cylinder (2)526Mostly Egyptian Amulets (18)
115Roman Small Glass Jars (3)346Chancay Loomstick528Cat Form Bronze Vessel Legs (3)
116Roman Glass Flasks and a Small Bottle (3)364Large Zuni Heart Line Olla532Sassanian Style Silver Bowl
130Roman Small Handled Bottles (2)366Santa Ana/ San IIdefonso Pottery Bowl535Glazed Islamic Pottery Items (2)
131Roman Pale Glass Bottles (2)370Santa Clara Carved & Signed Blackware Vase536Brass Griffin Decorative Element
132Roman Aqua Glass Feeder Askos371Small Hopi Canteen & Bowl (2)549Chinese Pottery Cat Pillow
144Indian Sandstone Harihara Deity Figure375Crow Indian Beaded Moccasins551Crystal Shiva Lingham
145Khmer Stone Temple Frieze395Large Fiji Kava Bowl556Chupicuaro Bowl with Crosshatched Decoration
150Indo-Persian Miniature Painting400Java Dvarapala Stone Figure 558Mezcala Stone Standing Figure
151Indo-Persian Miniature Painting401Balinese Gilt Kris Handle560Chupicuaro Tripod Bowl
152Indo-Persian Miniature Painting408Songye “Nkisi” Power Figure561Chupicuaro Brown Ware Pipe
166Chupicuaro Pottery Mask409Dogon Ancestor Figure564Jalisco & Nayarit Small Seated Figures (4)
174Xatlitla Seated Female Figure410Lobi Couple568Archaic Colima Standing Figure
175Xalitla Standing Figure416Guerre Wood Mask and Headdress Ensemble572Colima Double Headed Effigy Vessel
183Chupicuaro Tall Tripod Bowl423Fon Figure575Casas Grandes Small Decorated Bowl
186Mezcala Small Stone Heads (2)426Yoruba Lidded Ifa Bowl - School of Areogun577Maya Figural Whistles and a Mexican Head (4)
195Mezcala Serpentine Head Pendants (2)427Yoruba Janus Headdress584Tumaco Partial Figures (2)
224Mezcala Stone Idol435Yoruba Stool585Calima Urn, Tumaco Figure and Pottery Stamp (3)
245Nayarit House with Couples459Winiama Horned Mask 589Nazca & Tiahuanaco Bowls (2)
252Colima Pottery Standing Warrior460Grassfields Buffalo Mask590Chimu Blackware Vessels (3)
259San Sebastian Seated Male Figure462Large Bateba Figure592Ica Pottery Figures (2)
262Jalisco Seated Male & Female466Ibibio Standing Female Figure594Chancay & Inca Figures and Llama (3)
264Seated Veracruz Lady467Igbo Mask598Colonial Textile Coca Leaf Bags (2)
281Maya Pottery Cylinder Vase471Small Ikenga Shrine Figure604Small Acoma/Zia Pot
285Maya Cylinder474Urhobo Colonial Figure613Betel Nut Cutter
287Large Maya Pottery Plate478Biombo Mask622Buffalo Mask
289Maya Miniature Mano & Metate482Lele Mask628Boki Crest
290Costa Rican Volcanic Stone Zoomorphic Effigy484Sukuma Dance Figures (2)629Waja Figure
292Baluster Shaped Decorated Urn490Luristan Bronze Axe, Boss, Kohl Tube & Cypriot Bottle (4)633Kamba Standing Figure
296Costa Rican Globular Vessel492Luristan Kohl Vessels with Applicators (4) 635Small Inca Textile Panel