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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical and Asian Antiquities #87 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
004Olmecoid Head with Torso Wearing Ear Spools274Silver Bull Head Seal & Bronze Panther (2)463Large New Guinea Shield
011Chupicuaro Polychrome Decorated Bowl300Roman Bronze Figure & Bearded Head (2)476Dayak Ceremonial Paddle
018Chupicuaro & Michoacan Figures (6)306Roman & Islamic Glass Vessels (3)484Dan Round Eye Mask
023Pre-Classic Standing Figure with Bared Teeth313Byzantine Gold Cross with Garnet Inlay486Dan We Mask
032Colima Dog Vessel with Incised Decoration314Byzantine Gold Cross with Glass Inlays490Baule Male Figure
036Colima Curled Dog Vessel 317Roman Cameos (3) 491Baule “Gban” Monkey Helmet Mask
038Pair of Large Colima Flats326Roman Gold Finger Ring with Inset Cameo496Kom Akam Mask with Hair & Beard
042Large Standing Warrior Holding Club333Roman Gold Wire & Glass Bead Earrings (2)499Bamun Helmet Mask
043Colima Seated Hunchback Adolescent Figural Urn337Blue Faience Ankh Necklace Set in Modern Gold with Diamonds502Ashanti Prestige Openwork Sword
052Large Colima Standing Figure 340Roman Gold Link Bracelet505Ashanti Gilt Finger Ring
059Jalisco Large Seated Warrior with Club343Roman Mosaic Panel 507Fanti Drum
061Colima Seated Figure with Bowl345Egyptian Blue Glazed Faience Ushabti of Huy511Bamana Kono Society Mask
084Veracruz Sonriente Figure346Egyptian Blue Glazed Faience Ushabti of Hori514Large Marka Mask with Aluminum Detail
101Aztec Flint Ceremonial Blades (2)347Egyptian White Glazed Faience Ushabti of Hori518Yoruba “Omolangidi”
112Maya Polychrome Dignitary Vase355Egyptian Wooden Sarcophagus Panel521Yoruba Egungun Headdress
113Maya Polychrome Plate with Young Lord359Bronze Apis Bull526Prestige Metal Sword
124Maya Poison Bottle366Egyptian Faience Large Uzat Eye532Pende Wood Mask
125Maya Slip Ware Skull Vessel- God A 367Egyptian Bone Ibis Amulet533Pende “Mbuya” Mask
145Costa Rican Polychrome Vessel with Maya Influence368Egyptian Bone Amulet of Ptah with Isis 534Lwalwa Mask
149Maya Bowl with Polychrome Geometric Decoration370Ptah Head, Full Figural Amulet & Tauret (3)535Pende Fetish Headdress
159Cocle Fruitera Geometric Patterns374Egyptian Stone Mask Inlay Eyes (2)538Small Kifwebe Mask
160Large Costa Rican Standing Redware Figure391Chien Lung Decorated Plate - Ching544Colima Decorated Vessel
165Uraba Gold Lobsterman Pendant393Chinese Pottery Roof Guardian Figures (2)549Chupicuaro Large Bowl
170Costa Rican Vessel with Reptile Head399Chinese Decorated Porcelain Tray563Colima Vase & Ticoman Bowl with Face (2)
172Calima Seated Hollow Figure with Incised Design424Thai Bronze Buddha Hand564Michoacan Tripod Bowls & Orangeware Vase (3)
173Chimila Lidded Burial Urn 426Thai Grayware Pottery Pouring Vessel566Bird Pendant, Jade Pendant & Two Colombian Nose Rings (4)
175Recuay Man in Hut Vessel435Large Burmese Gilt Wood Buddha571Chancay Clam Vessel
179Nazca Floating Fisherman with Nets Vessel 437Thai Bronze Buddha575Neolithic Flints Lot (16)
180Nazca Polychrome Double Spouted Vessel438Japanese Jizo Bosatsu Stone Figure 576London Mesolithic Flint Lot (19)
184Chavin Owl Vessel 440Japanese Porcelain Cat579Luristan Torque & Anatolian Marble Fragment (2)
208Pucara/Tiwanaku Transitional Stone Kero442Japanese Glazed Ceramic Seated Dog587Roman-Egypt Standing Female Figure
230Inca Matched Pair of Wooden Keros443Japanese Kyotoware Erotic Lady588Glass Heart Bottle, Alabastron Amulet & Scarab (3)
232Chancay Small China449Japanese Menpo597Indonesian Folk Art Figures (2)
238Large Chancay Brown & Tan Textile450Samurai Armor601Basketry Rattle
250Syrian Neolithic Limestone Idol453Native American Walking Stick with Lead Handle & Inlay612Wooden Bellows
255Early Bronze Age Decorated Bowl454Navajo Diamond Pattern Blanket 613Duala Staff
261Unusual Steatite Seals (2)458Bird Mask with Feathers614Wood & Animal Fur Oliphant
263Bactrian Lapis Roundel459Eskimo Carved Needle Case621Megalodon Teeth (5)