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Fine Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art, Classical, Egyptian and Asian Antiquities #112 UNSOLD LIST

Lot#Descr Lot#Descr Lot#Descr
003Olmecoid Pre-Classic Puebla Figure159Costa Rican Small Stone Seated Figures (3) 453Ibibio Eket Panel
011Chupicuaro Miniature Figures (3)160Costa Rican Small Sukias (2)454Fon Asen (Altar) Memorial of Deceased
023Olmec Miniature Seated Dwarf Figural Amulet176Taino Greenstone Kneeling Zemi Figure461Fali Kirdi Fertility Doll
028Olmec Greenish-gray Hardstone Celt 195Tamalameque Burial Urn462Mambila Side-Blown Trumpet
029Olmec Olive-gray Hardstone Celt 205Bahia Standing Female Figure 469Punu Lumbo Figure
030Olmec Black Hardstone Celt229Large Moche Portrait Head Vessel 489Pende Divination Fetish Figure
032Olmec Hardstone Celts (2)242Moche Frog Vessel492Chokwe Thumb Piano (Mbira or Sanza)
033Chontal Standing Green Serpentine Standing Figure278Huari Decorated Vessel498Zulu Prestige Staff
034Mezcala Stone Temple with Figures283Chancay Anthropomorphic Urn506Sumerian Black Stone Vessel
038Mezcala Two Story Stone Temple285Chancay Standing Female Figure 517Sumerian Stone Bird Vessel
042Teotihuacan Standing Figure with Rasp Type Headdress 286Chancay Female Cuchimilco Figure531Luristan Bronze Lot (5)
043Guerrero Gray-Green Serpentine Standing Figure 299Chimu Blackware Globular Vessel 539Parthian Pendant Necklace with Gold, Lapis & Carnelian
044Exceptional Large Guerrero Gray Stone Standing Figure306Chancay Painted Textile Panel 544Ordos Gilt Bronze Bull
045Teotihuacan Tecali Torch with Carved Decoration310Large Marajo Pottery Vessel with Painted Face546Achaemenid Silver Vessel
049Mezcala Serpentine Anthropomorphic Standing Figure M18322Inuit Walrus Ivory Chain Link Seals551Copper-Bronze Cloak Pin with Two Standing Rams Finial
051Pre-Classic Michoacan Seated Figure325Four Mile Polychrome Decorated Bowl 554Bactrian Alabaster/Marble Vessels (2)
060Colima Chocolate Ware Head Vessel326Kwakiutl / Haida Speaker or Shaman’s Staff559Greek Geometric Bronze Bird & Vessel (2)
063Colima Large Flat Sitting Figure331Tlingit Copper Rattle with Wooden Handle565Hellenistic Bearded Marble Head
068Colima Orangeware Standing Shaman Carrying Shoulder & Back Sacks335Kerewa Gope Board576Villanovan Pottery Alabastron
079Ixtlan del Rio Seated Female Figure336Abelam Ancestor Figure590Hellenistic Marble Female Head
082Nayarit Female Figure Holding a Bowl337Abelam Male House Spirit595Roman Bronze Inscribed Measuring Mug
083Jalisco Seated Female Figure 338Gable Mask597Roman Bronze Medallion with Head of Medusa
084Jalisco Seated Female Figure339Iatmul Bride Price “Ambusab”599Roman Marble Acanthus Blossom Fountain Part
091Large Standing Nayarit Female Shaft Tomb Figures (2)341Ceremonial Suspension Hook604Roman Marble Portrait Head of Aphrodite
092Nayarit Seated Male Singer - Playing Gourd Rattle342Abelam Baba Mask606Roman Marble Horse Head
093Colima Redware Large Shark Vessel 347Bahinemo Shield610Roman Marble Capital Fragment
097Nayarit Seated Female Figure348Biwat Shield 613Roman Bronze Negro Head Lid
098Large Seated San Sebastian Nayarit Female349Large Leonard Schultze River Shield615Greco-Roman Bronze Herakles
101Chinesca Seated Figure353Poi Pounder622South Arabian Bronze Camels (3)
105Mixtec Stone Anthropomorphic Large Pendant354Maori Paddle 624Roman Miniature Bottles (3)
109Mixtec-Aztec Pottery Ear Spools 367Bali Red Mask626Roman Fluted Amphoriskos & Ribbed Bottle (2)
112Preclassic Veracruz Pottery Vessels (2)368Song Dynasty Deified Sages (2)633Small Islamic Marvered Vial
114Veracruz Standing Figure369Ming Dynasty Bronze Buddha643Merovingian or Anglo-Saxon Inlaid Silver Large Bow Fibula Brooches
120Veracruz Stone Hacha of a Deity370Pair of Song Dynasty Deified Sages649Islamic Gold & Faience Beaded Necklace
122Maya Jade Chief Plaque372Western Han Horse678Egyptian Schist Cosmetic Vessel
128Early Maya Speckled Jadeite Zoomorphic Palette376Han Dynasty Grainary Urn680Egyptian Faience Crouching Frog
129Izapan Stone Ritual Object377Ming Dynasty Bronze Censor of Fu Lion 681Egyptian Jasper Counterweight
130Maya Large Jade Beads (2) 380Indian Candlestick 683Egyptian Bronze Crown Section
133Maya Urn Panel Fragment with Deity Face383Thai Bronze Buddha Head688Egyptian Bronze Satet Figure
135Maya Polychrome Decorated Bowl405Dagari Ancestor Figure 692Egyptian Bronze Horus with Inlaid Eyes
141Maya Fineline Decorated Vase410Burkina Faso Mask693Stone Seated Baboon
142Fine Maya Polychrome Decorated Cylinder Vase 415Bundu Helmet Mask694Bronze Figure of Neith
143Maya Large Polychrome Decorated Flanged Bowl416Senufo Figure696Egyptian Decorated Wooden Uraeus
147Maya Vase with Seated Chiefs417Senufo or Baule Fetish Figure708Egyptian Pottery Incense Burner
153Maya Bone Handle with Elaborate Carved Decoration435Akan Maternity Figure72319 Arte Primitivo Auction Catalogues
156Costa Rican Sukia Figure440Togo Figure
158Costa Rican Large Sukia Figure 444Yoruba Bowl Bearer